Saturday, December 16, 2006

Slightly less pissed.

Or slightly more drugged. Either way.

The nice thing about being married to an engineering type is, he GETS the technical parts of knitting (as well as watching me knit thigs, so he understands the time involved). I taught him to knit years ago, and though he doesn't do it himself, between the lessons and just listening to me talk, he's actually very coherent and can carry on conversations about knitting with me and other people. (When I was teaching his mother to knit, he would answer her questions. It was very funny. My mother-in-law said she was thrilled by the evidence that not only do we talk to each other, but we LISTEN, too.)

Anyway, so, he's properly horrified by the hole in the scarf, and is sympathetic about it. Quite nice to have around when you're practically foaming at the mouth over something.

It looks like I'll be able to fix it. Ironically, that specific scarf is the one I quit knitting on with a bunch of yarn left, even though I normally knit to the end of the skein. So it's the only scarf of the five mohair scarves that I have the materials to do repair WITH. (Does this mean the gods were smiling on me, or does this mean by having that leftover yarn, I guranteed my own destruction? Hm.)

Fixing hasn't occurred yet. I'm waiting until I'm undrugged to do the repairs.

Instead, I blocked the OTHER scarf that was done and waiting for it:

(Sorry for the bad picture; it's pinned out on my office carpet.) It's for my mother-in-law. Normally I only knit her one gift a year, a sweater. (And I give her a knitting gift from me personally - last year was a knitting bag, this year it's silk yarn.) But this year I'm giving her two sisters AND her sister-in-law these mohair scarves, and she's REALLY close to her sisters, so it seems mean to leave her out. Hence the scarf. It's nothing more than bias columns of eyelets, and I swear I'm naming it 'Lazyass Lace Scarf' when I post the pattern. Very easy, and very pretty.

One more to finish and block. I will weep tears of blood when this disaster is over.

The Baby learned her lesson at the House of Bounce well - she was just found jumping up and down in her crib for all she was worth. I once broke a bed, jumping on it, as a child. I hope she does not follow in my footsteps (jump steps?)


Terby said...

Oh dear. I hope the repairs go quickly and easily... The rest of the scarf and the new one are really pretty.

Bells said...

I read the scarf tragedy early this morning and have been feeling bummed for you ever since.

What a nightmare. I'll come to you for advice when it inevitably happens to a mohair scarf I make!

Speaking of husbands and knitting, I lay in bed with mine this morning, showing off my first sock, explaining the wonders of grafting. He at least looked as though he got it. But he does think the absence of a seam is marvellous.

NeedleTart said...

OOH! OOH! The scarf looks just like little Stars of David. Too entranced by the beauty of it (and the baby Awww) to see where you got the pattern (or if it was one of your own?).
Happy Chanukkah!

Julie said...

It's a lace netting that's really common. Yo, k2tog across, purl back. Barbara Walker has it in one of her treasuries, but it's so common it's like the lace version of stockinette.

I'll be posting a pattern one of these days, real soon.

Amy Lane said...

Glad the whole 'fuck' portion of the scarf repair is over...on wed/thur I'll tell the world how I screwed something up that's so damnably simply any idiot could do it by being too tired to read the directions, and you'll feel so much better about the whole thing... (btw...that yo/k2tog pattern also looks good on big needles w/ribbon...crochet a couple of big flowers to decorate and it's a very nice summer scarf...)