Saturday, December 23, 2006

I've hit the wall.

To hell with the presents, to hell with the food, let me go home. Home, where it's quiet and there's a closet full of yarn, and a happy cat to pet (okay, okay, the cat's a bitch, but she's MY cat), and my own kitchen, and it's quiet, and where it's quiet.

I've had quite enough of people. Lovely visits with all of them, yes, but now I've seen them and it's time to go. All this company and good fellowship is making me eat cookies and fantasize about my house, you know, the one where it's quiet.

The Baby had a ranting, conniption fit today after trying to eat some Play-doh and having Dadad take it back out of her mouth. More than once.

My brother and his wife had a snarling match over the date cookies last night, but I made each of them their own bag, so they went off to opposite corners to eat them. While they were arguing over who got the red date cookies and who got the green, their son slipped in the room and made off with the entire bag of buckeyes. When I went over today, there were no buckeyes or date cookies left in the house.

I knew I should have made a double batch.

Now, I'm going to hide in the basement, reading a book and pretending to work on my Knitty article. Shhhh. Don't tell.


Anonymous said...

tee-hee . . . too many date cookies OR buckeyes, and the next thing they'll be fighting over will be the porcelain throne!!

i sympathize with your wish for peace and quiet. if my `grown' kids don't leave for their dad's soon, there will be mayhem here.

theresa said...

I feel your pain. All of the above is happening to me but I am doing it in France - I made it to France but the luggage full of hand knit Christmas presents is lost in Amsterdam!
I want to go home now!

Sheepish Annie said...

I'm with you. I don't play well with "others." I can only take so much then I need me-time. Hang in there! It's almost over...

April said...

Once again, the joys of being a hermit are brought to light.

I dearly hope Santa brings you some "quiet" for Christmas, it sounds like you deserve it.

Alwen said...

Us introverts. Gotta have the alone time to recharge.

One of my husband's uncles used to tease us mercilessly because BC (before child) we used to drive up and do the whole Polish Christmas Eve meal with my husband's extended family, rent a motel room to stay in overnight, and then go to my parents the next day to do Christmas.

But that unlovely cheap motel room was quiet. And private.

When the baby got big enough to understand more about presents and unwrapping, I decided I wanted him to wake up at home Christmas morning with our own tree and stockings.

But sometimes I do miss that nice quiet motel room!

Bells said...

You should be here, Julie. We are in Brisbane with friends, not a single family member in sight. We are drinking vodka, lime and sodas and watching DVDs, with heaps of food waiting to be eaten. No children. And I've done LOADS of knitting.


Amy Lane said...

I think I'm moving in with bells-- and I so totally sympathize. I love the holidays and I love family, but sometimes, all I want for Christmas is alone time in front of the television with my knitting. Hell, I'd settle for alone time in the bathroom at this point.