Sunday, December 03, 2006

Steek-Along News!

Just a reminder, the Steek-Along will be starting in another couple weeks, so it's time to make a decision on that yarn and get fired up to knit your gauge swatch. If you use my method of gauge swatch knitting and measuring (which I will describe), I warn you now: it's nitpicking and fussy, but the odds are good that your sweater will fit when you're done.

For those just wandering in, beginning in January (mid-December to January 2 is gauge swatch knitting time), we are going to do a step-by-step knit-along to make one of these:

A seamless two-color jacket, steeked up the front to make a cardigan.

A summary of skills needed is available here. (I will be describing and doing tutorials on a lot of the methods, including grafted hems, steeking, and seamless sweater knitting.)

A discussion of yarn requirements is available here. Also included are close-up photos of the stitch pattern to help you figure out what colors you want to use. (I'm using denim blue and pink Lite Lopi from Reynolds, if that helps you any.)

Other suggested reading, if you want to get in the groove:
My article on the Percentage System, which is the basis for our pattern, though we'll be using a different shoulder-decrease method.

My discussion on alternative gauge calculating methods, which we will be using.

Eunny's discussion of steeking methods; I suggest using the crocheted steek, but whatever you use, pick a method and make sure you've got the equipment avialable to do it (like a sewing machine for sewn steeks).

And if you've got a copy of "Knitting Without Tears" by Elizabeth Zimmerman, read up on how she does the saddle-shoulder decrease sweater, because that's what we'll be doing.

Plus, measure your favorite cardigan and decide what size you want to knit your sweater.


Bells said...


is it fair enough to use the swatch to learn the stranded technique? Two birds with one stone....

Amy Lane said...

gods, Julie--I can only look at all that and think about how fun it will be to watch and how it's a good thing I've got that damned Glitterspun thing to do in Jan, because I could seriously F-up a lot of good yarn trying that....

April said...

Am I going to need a degree in Physics to do this?

I'm scared.

Julie said...

Anyone seriously hard-up on the math skills, I will do the math for you. But you STILL will need an accurately knit and measured swatch, I can't do that for you. But if you've got a calculator, you should be able to handle this yourself. Honest.

Glitterspun. Snicker, snort.

Bells said...

I'm just bursting with questions!

I think I want to make it in 5ply but I'm not sure what that equates to in US terms. Is it sport weight or is that just a light worsted?

8ply is what I would normally use but it's also quite heavy.

Will I need a long circular needle?

There are others I thought of over night but I can't remember them. I'll come back.