Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Today's score.

-Six inches of lace scarf. The knitting's very relaxing. Even if it is fucking mohair.
-Three and a half dozen screwed up chocolate chip cookies (damn it, they would have been cute, too, the chips were red and green) that I'm unloading on the Navy tomorrow. The oven temp was screwy and they cooked weirdly. The husbeast works at a Navy school full of kids away from home for the first time. They'll scarf up anything.
-Five dozen goddamn mac-nut lace cookies. I will NOT be making them again.
-Three dozen lemon cookies. Those turned out perfectly. Somehow.

And a baby with peanut butter in her ears and up her nose. I swear, you turn your back for one second, and chaos reigns.

She's not stoned. Really. Well, all right, maybe. (Personally, I think the photo's hilarious.) Unfortunately the peanut butter is almost the same color as her skin, so you can't tell it's smeared all over her face. And in her hair.


Bells said...

Julie, you know what I think? You should run a caption competition for a photo like that! And offer a prize!!!

Suggested prize: a day with The Baby while you knit or shop or whatever.

Of course, I'll be only too happy to fly to the States to claim my prize. I'd have to climb over April though, I suspect!

April said...

Dude, rock on.

Wow, Jerry Garcia's love child.