Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A day of photos.

Because I'm a little nutsoid with all this baking, and the baby's cute, and I had the camera out.

I started The Last Damn Scarf. It's almost as easy as the light green one. Two pattern rows instead of one. Easily memorized (or would be if my brain were functioning), and kind of cool looking. Think eyelet honeycomb. And I like this color a lot too; beige/tan with gold highlights. If you're ever stuck knitting something with Doucer et soie (poor you), get a pastel color. They're very subtle and pretty, much more so than the darker colors were. For some odd reason they seem easier to work with, too. Though that may be because I'm finally getting the hang of working with this crap.

The Baby has two new hobbies.
One: toy throwing.

Two: dancing.

She circles around on her knees, waving her arms, in time (vaguely) to music as it plays. This is the best photo I could get (to 'The Immigrant Song' by Led Zeppelin). When I get out the camera, she stops and smiles. I'm working on getting a better shot of it. To call it cute is an understatement.

The inevitable happened yesterday, I think. I'm pretty sure The Baby uttered her first profanity in the grocery store. I was trying to find red and green colored sugar and they were out of the green. I said "SHIT!" and The Baby immediately said "-it!" with the exact intonation I'd used. Oh boy.

For those of you who think I have my act together, I am posting one last photo, of my kitchen counter.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I've trashed yet another batch of cookies (red and green chocolate chip, this time - not a big deal except in time expended, WHICH I CANNOT SPARE) because my landlord is a fucking cheapskate and we're saddled with the cheapest oven on the market. It's uninsulated. It makes the kitchen hotter than a summer in hell, I can't let The Baby near it for fear she'll get burned, and now it's got another hiccup - it heats so unevenly that I can only bake one tray of cookies in it at a time. Which DOUBLES my cook time on everything. Grrr. Snarl.

And I'm screwing with my medication again, hence the babbling and whining. But I'm much more awake than I usually am - yay. Seriously. Yay. I'm quite tired of feeling drugged.

Bah, humshit.


Bells said...

And when you were on such a roll with all that baking, your oven slows you down. Fuck it. Not fun.

At least you have a baby for entertainment, sorry The Baby, for entertainment when all else is a nightmare.

At least you didn't say fuck in the supermarket. That would have been funnier, wouldn't it?

Sheepish Annie said...

Hey, you have a cute baby. That should get you past the baking/knitting strife if you time your cuteness doses right.

Is it January yet? I can't take much more of the holidays. They are slowly killing me...

Rae said...

OK. I've seriously caught the baking bug thanks to all your posts. You're on the spot - I'm trying your tricks this weekend. I'm in hunt of that nifty cookie gadget that scoops (but doesn't poop). I agree with parchment - it's a godsend.

We had to nip our language in the bud once DD hit about 18 mos. "Fuck" comes out uk, and all the same, everyone knows what it is.

Alwen said...

I love the photo of your kitchen counter -- you have a Kitchen Aid, too! They are the absolute bomb when mixing cookie dough, especially with hand/wrist issues.

There is a reason (let's see, 7-year-old, Legos) most of my knitting pictures are tightly cropped, BTW.

And that "-it!" Oh yeah. It's always the words we emphasize. :)

Amy Lane said...

urgh...the terrible fear about the baby is the worst... I hate fucking rentals... (I haven't had a chance to swear in 3 hours... it needs to come out somewhere.)

Julie said...

I'm so paranoid about accidental injury to The Baby that I drink my tea luke-warm in case of spillage, and we keep her locked out of the bathrooms where there are cleaning supplies... so you can imagine how thrilled I am to have a major safety hazard slap in the middle of the house, through no fault of my own.

If she ever burns herself on that stove, I swear I'll bite the landlord's eyes out with my bare teeth.