Friday, December 22, 2006

I love my readers.

I was expecting to get at least one sheep-hugging comment after my PETA rant (possibly flamed), but no, you guys came through with rationality and understanding. It's awesome. I'm very lucky to have such a group of readers that Get It.

Thank you for all your feedback, and I am going to start doing research into environmental impact of fiber production. Hopefully that will be successful enough that I'll be able to offer something unbiased about all fibers, instead of a pointed rant about PETA. (Not the best knitting article in the world, even if they ARE extremist wankers.)

In other news, The Baby has tried to climb everything possible (including the Christmas tree) and has fallen a couple times. Of course she landed on her face. She looks like she's been in a bar fight. My brother will be so proud.

It's looking like I have to wait until SUNDAY for people to open their presents. This is such a ripoff. Damn it, I want to see if the sweaters fit NOW.

And you all have probably noticed the 'year of me' button at the bottom of my sidebar. It links back to my 'what I want to knit this year' post. I'm not thinking of it as a knit-along, but if anyone wants to swipe the button and link it to their own to-knit list or yearly goal list, feel free.

Now I gotta go eat some cookies. (Oh. We have a new phrase around here. "Just for that, I'm going to eat a cookie." It's funnier than it seems, if said by someone who has grazed on cookies for three days, standing next to a table full of them.)

Hope everyone's having a good pre-holiday Friday. On to the weekend!!


Netter said...

I've been checking back to read the comments, just to see if anyone would be pro-PETA. Not that I'm pro-cruelty, but like many ideological groups, they're all about propaganda and not information. I actually saw an ad for the P!nk spot on

Anonymous said...

at my house, we put bells all around the bottom of the tree so that if pets or little ones start exploring, we hear it.

Bells said...

your readers love you, too Julie. Glad we could all be so helpful!