Thursday, December 28, 2006


A while back, I learned that I'd won a drawing/contest run by Netter over at her blog. According to her, the prize was 'some alpaca yarn', and I was totally excited because I never win ANYTHING, and here I was getting yarn in the mail.

Dude. I didn't win some alpaca. I won A SHITLOAD OF ALPACA!!

The color looks pretty accurate on my monitor. It's SO soft and fuzzy and light and warm. I'd been expecting a couple-three balls of yarn and had been planning a scarf (yes, another scarf, have me committed) with it, but this...! This is enough for an entire sweater! I've been meaning to knit myself some kind of bed jacket sort of thingie for a while now, and this stuff is perfect for that. The idea is now cooking in the back of my head. We'll see what I come up with. I suspect this will lead to a free pattern. Free yarn, free pattern, you see how this works.

In addition to the yarn, there was a box of truffles (mmmmm, truffles), and a small gift for The Baby. I had her open it, and she held it and giggled and said 'cool'. (She's been saying 'cool' for a while now - we finally figured out what she meant.)

She's been clutching it ever since, carrying it around and chewing on the teething bits at the ends of the arms and legs (she's teething like mad right now, so this was a perfect gift).

Thanks, Netter, this was a wonderful care package.

What am I working on?

More length for the Husbeast Gansey. Argh. I'm really tired of dark green yarn. (I'm planning to graft this to the bottom of the sweater - no worries, there will be photos and a how-to posted.)

I'm also skeining and cooking wool for a Knitty article ("Handpainting yarn for beginners" is the boring working title). The oven was on this morning, the husbeast said "What are you baking?" and I said "Wool." and he stared at me for a long time (up to now I've only used the crock-pot to dye with) and finally he said "You scare me." It's fun, I'm trying new techniques I've never done before. And taking photos. It's gonna be a loooong article.


Amy Lane said...

Oh, man...that's some nice alpaca...I've been eyeing that at my LYS since I got the Lucinda Guy book with the adorable children stuff on it... (Oh yes, it will be mine...)

Sheepish Annie said...

Yup...that's a whole lotta alpaca ya got there! And very pretty, to boot. Of course, any yarn that comes with truffles can't be anything but awesome, right?

April said...

Mmm ... alpaca. You lucky dog. And in such a pretty colorway as well. Good things come to people who raise beautiful babies.