Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Rounding up details.

Today's the day I do all the last-minute stuff; finish wrapping (two huge boxes of Duplos, and the goddamn torn scarf left), pack our clothes and my knitting stuff, and finish off the baking. I'm doing a few unplanned batches of cookies to use up ingredients (easy stuff - shortbread cookies and macaroons). While I work, I ponder a few things.

You know how they say blocking changes lace? No kidding. I went from this:

To this:
I liked the unblocked version better, damn it. Oh well. It's wrapped and I never have to think of it again.

As soon as the scarf was bound off yesterday, I did what anyone would do under those circumstances.

Cast on for the Steeked Jacket. Of course, while in Ohio I'm going to be knitting lace swatches, but that's okay 'cause I screwed up the first jacket cast-on, and by the time I re-did it my hands were killing me, so a break might be in order.

Oh, and The Baby? She's practicing what she learned at the House of Bounce, by jumping on everything she can find.


Bells said...

You know, I think you're right. There's something much more appealing about the unblocked scarf. Oh well. You live and learn.

The Baby is giving new meaning to the term Bouncing Baby. he he. That's so cute.

ARRGHH. Steeking jacket. I'll get there. I really will. No sign of swatching starting yet. Glad you'll be contactable over the break. I might have questions to ask!

Amy Lane said...

I'm with you on the unblocked scarf thing...but then, I'm weird about lace...I often like the unblocked version better...I'm so impressed by your industry--I'm home with a sick baby and all I can do is knit...