Thursday, July 05, 2007

That was timely.

I was digging in for an afternoon (while the baby was supposed to be napping but was jumping up and down in her crib) of edge-charting for the Pinwheel Jacket, when I got a message from Cindy saying that she'd bound off the steeked jacket and wanted to know what happened next. Thus freeing me of the drudgery of counting little lace-chart symbols as my eyes cross. I couldn't be more delighted, and not just because of that.

Woohoo! We have someone nearing the finish line! (Other than me.) I'll be posting the finishing directions, part one, right after I do this post. Then I've got to do a swatch to demonstrate how to do a half-graft hem. I want that to be a post in it's own right, because apparently there are NO directions on how to do it, ANYWHERE on the internet (very odd), and I want to link to it in the sidebar so people can find it easily without having to sift through sweater directions and stuff.

I hope that made sense.

The half-graft hem directions will be coming up in the next day or two. The cardigan edge will keep you busy, until then, Cindy.

Anyway. This is all very exciting. I should probably finish my own jacket. But the sleeves need shortened and it annoys me. Isn't that always the way?


As always when I'm knitting like the wind, several people have asked how I manage to get so much knitting done. We've discussed it here before and it's not a secret; I don't do any house work. Don't believe me? Look at this:

Yup, while that was going on, I just huddled in my chair and knit.


I'm almost done with the body of Tut Tut. Two inches to go, and with the way I've been knitting lately that'll get done today. I started looking around for the short #5 needle I need to do the sleeves, and realized something: The needle I need? The second sleeve of Innsvinget is on there. I'm wondering if maybe that's an omen, and it's time to finish that bloody sweater. The wool yarn would make a nice break from all the cotton I'm dealing with right now. And how long can it take to knit half a sleeve? (Don't answer that. I can see the date knit on the hem of that sweater with my own two eyes, thank you.)

Right then. A cup of tea, and the finishing directions.


nishanna said...

I just wanted to come out of the wood work and say hi. I've been reading your blog for a couple weeks and i love hearing about your daughter. I'm a social worker and I work professionally with families with children birth to three, so when i hear how your daughter is just being a toddler it brightens my day. I used to "teach" (read:caregiver in a day program) toddlers and even though it wasn't a life long career goal, i never laughed so much in my life.

Bells said...

I'm so thrilled that Cindy is so far along. She's an inspiration! I love her jacket. It looks amazing.

Amy Lane said...

yeehaa...I want to see everyone's finished efforts.

Cindy said...

Glad to be of help in escaping drudgery! Of course, I'm thrilled to get the next step so quickly - Thanks!!