Monday, July 16, 2007


It's that time of year again. You know, the time when I wake up one morning and say "Oh shit, it's the middle of July." Yup. It only means one thing.

State Fair.

Except this year it means more than one thing, because I've got that doily for a wedding gift 'due' August 11. And, oh yeah, the Winter Knitty deadline is September 15, so if I want to submit the overhauled lace article, or the Mystery Knit pattern, it's got to be done by then.

State Fair turn-in is October 3. (Well, you can turn in October 2 or 3, but what are the odds of me being done twenty-four whole hours early?)

I hate to disappoint the long-time readers, but there will be no, reapeat, NO REPEAT of the insanity that ensued around here last year. I am going to enter the lace division, and IF I get the Pinwheel Jacket done, I will enter it in the Ladies' Sweater division. If I do NOT, then I don't. I am NOTNOTNOTNOT knitting another sweater in two months like I did last year. Particularly not on size one/2.5mm needles. (For those of you who weren't around to experience that, it was August and September '06, in the archives. Enjoy.) I know some of you really enjoyed the spazzing out around here last year, but there will not be nervous breakdowns this time. Sorry. (Oh, please, who are we fooling? I never set myself rational deadlines and I always manage to freak out about something. Brace yourselves.)

Anyway. Where was I? Right. Wedding doily. I started it this morning.

I'm on round 17. This is the same pattern I knit for the State Fair last year (Coronet, from one of the lace books by Marienne Kinzel), and I've made it, all told, about eight times now. I'm going for fast and easy. While it's bigger than the last one I did (that was a wedding present for her sister, in June - both married in one summer, can you imagine? I am very sympathetic toward their mother, who has remained calm through everything). But it's two-row lace, meaning every other round is knit plain, which speeds things up immensely. I want to have this done by the start of next week.

After that, it's my lace entry for the fair:

One of the rectangular wraps from VLT, with some pattern repeats taken out to knock it back to scarf size. I'll be using the yarn that Bells sent me, dyed by Happy Spider. I'm hoping I can get it done in a month, but it's got a knit-on edge, so I won't hold my breath.

And then it's back to this:

Whether or not it's done in time for the fair turn-in, I want it done so I can actually wear it.

Sometime in all that, I might finish the Mystery Knit, and write the pattern. And re-take all the photos for the lace article.

Then again, I might not. Everybody get a comfortable seat and a cold drink, for when the screaming starts.


amy said...

Wow. Um, good luck? Wasn't around for the insanity last year but given the normal level of profanity...I'm betting it's pretty spectacular. :)

Bells said...

Sean and i both just went, 'what? No way!' We were living for this insanity. Not fair Julie. Not fair.

We are nostalgic about those early months of going, 'whoah. Who the hell is this madwoman' and waking up each day for our dose of someone else's insanity.

Shit. there goes July/August.

susan said...

Oh c'mon Julie, your insanity when knitting to deadlines is sooooo entertaining it seems downright rude to deprive us of it. I mean, really! Hmpf! :-D

Donna said...

Pass the popcorn? Nah, I have every faith in your ability to get it all done. Although I need a little excitement in my life ;)

Amy Lane said...


I need some entertainment when school starts...I'll just kick back, drink my diet coke, and read you through the spitwads and knife fights...

Louiz said...

Does this mean that there will be no hanging by our fingernails from Friday to Monday (or is that just me) waiting to see if you have finished?

Well... in a way bad, but in a way good - I'm sure it is better for you this way!

KnitTech said...

You’re competitive enough; the pinwheel jacket and the lace will be in the fair.

Let the games begin.