Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Holidays, bah.

On the off chance that someone in the world with internet access does NOT know what the deal is with American Independence Day, here it is: It's a celebration of the day we told the British Empire we weren't gonna be a colony any more. It's kind of an arbitrary date, since the British Empire's response was something to the tune of "You bloody well are too," with troops sent. Then there was a lot of shooting and lighting things on fire and more shooting. But to Americans, this is the day we declared our independence (get it? We're real clever with names), so this is the day we celebrate it.

The preferred method of celebrating these days involves illegal fireworks (yes, I get the irony, but the people setting them off don't), and eating picnics and otherwise spending the day outside having fun. (It's summer here in the N hemisphere, remember.)

Between the current round of corruption from the Oval Office, and the continued horrible treatment of the military, I'm having a hard time summoning up much more than a snarl for the whole bloody idea. Everyone should be inside reading the Constitution and writing complaint letters to their congressmen, if you ask me.


When I was pregnant and we were stocking the nursery, we went out and bought a pack of cloth diapers to use as baby rags. You know, to wipe up spit and stuff. They did come in handy, and for much of the time we've had The Baby, that's what we've used them for. But, being a Baby, she's got other ideas what to use them for.

At first she just wore it over her head, like you'd expect a baby to do. But then I got into the act. Having studied the history of fashion for the last couple decades, I know a few ways to tie a cloth diaper around someone's head with style.

I feel like I should start now, accumulating things for the 'dress up box' she's going to want when she's a bit older. And I should come up with a pattern for felted armor. And maybe a felt sword. (A small one would work. And be safe. And cute.)

Something else to add to the list.


For those interested in the Hatshepsut thing, Discover Channel has a bunch of info here. They're going to do a documentary on the whole thing, July 15. Listings here.


Otherwise, it's been a typical day; knitting, reading, playing with the baby. The husbeast has been around, and we all went for a walk together. That's not bad; a family thing for the holiday.

Bah. Holiday.


amy said...

I'm bringing the kids to see our Congressman tomorrow, who is in town to "chat" with his constituents. I have a list.

Never too early for dress-up stuff. We have Waldorf-inspired wooden swords, both pirate and knight. One for each boy. (What am I, nuts? A little.) The rule is, no swording people and no swording the cat.

Watch out, Sekhmet.

Bells said...

some of us still want a similar thing here - not enough of us if you ask me. We even had a referendum. It failed. So we are still tied to the Mother Country.

That nappy/diaper head gear is to die for. Gorgeous.

Jilly Bean said...

(yes, I get the irony, but the people setting them off don't)

Living near a reservation, we spent most of the night watching the neighbors almost set the trees on fire, as they have even bigger illegal fireworks to work with. I sometimes wonder if they would get the same joy out of taking a $200 and setting it on fire. It's the same thing really.

As for Independence Day, I gave up on it awhile ago.

Donna Lee said...

I disagree on independence day. I do realize that it seems that our independence has been eroded these last few years, and I do acknowledge our military is treated poorly (understatement) but I do still believe in the idea of independence day and am glad to celebrate that. I guess if it makes even one or two people think about what we have and what we could have, it's worth celebrating. We are keeping vigil for young men, one of whom I watched grow from a gawky kid to a handsome young man, who have no place carrying guns in the desert. And we are contemplating freedom, patriotism and nationalism (thanks to npr).
Sorry for the ramble.
I actually used the cloth diapers as diapers. I liked the cloth next to my baby's skin. It made them easier to potty train because they didn't like to be wet.

Roxie said...

Miss Curlylocks with the headband is fierce! Love it ever so much! Try her with a babushka, too.

We have the worst government in the world, - with the exception of all the others.

Amy Lane said...

Bless you...I'm throwing a lot of my political irritation into my book right now, but yeah...I get the irony... (Mate and I actually hate the 4th of July with a burning, abiding fury--but much of that has to do with people who don't know how clean up after themselves--hooray, let's celebrate, blow off fireworks, and leave our country a wasteland covered with gun-powder stained paper. Aren't we spiffy.)

Robin said...

Those cloth diapers make dynamite dust cloths! I'm using some my mother had left over from me and I'm in my 40's!!! Antique dust cloths! They don't get used much which probably helps them last! Dress-up --- I was in Goodwill scouting out wool garments and there was a lady buying outrageous stuff -- big hats, boas, sequined gowns, great high heels, tiaras, etc. I heard her telling the sales clerk that she was putting together dress-up boxes for her two neices. She was going to buy footlockers, decorate them with stickers and paint their names on them, etc. She was going to LOAD it with the clothes, some make-up, and other great girly stuff. She was also going to make magic wands (out of a dowel, ribbon streamers, and a felt star) to put in each trunk. What a great creative gift for little girls!