Friday, July 27, 2007

That damn husbeast.

The husbeast has known I'm under the weather, and so when he ran out for bread tonight, he picked up ice cream, too. This is a new Ben&Jerry's flavor, Creme Brulee. It's very good, but very rich and very sweet. I've been avoiding fat and sugar since I started working out, and it's to the point that lots of sweets make me kind of gaggy. Which doesn't mean I'll quit eating it; I'll just eat it in smaller doses. It's possible I may become the only person in the world to get four servings out of one carton of ice cream, like the container says I should.

He got me a candy bar, too. Chocolate with hazel nuts. My favorite.

-... -

Yet again, I have given up on finishing Innsvinget. I put the sleeve on a holder and cast on for the sleeve of Tut Tut today.

That's what I've got so far. I'm doing bell sleeves, but they're not REALLY dramatic, just a bit of drape from the wrist. As you can see I've already got a good bit done; it'd be nice to finish up one of these sweaters so I can start on the Christmas knitting.

The doily is finished, and the silly gift is all done except for some I-cord. I love the idea of I-cord, and the structure and appearance of it. The only thing that sucks is the actual knitting. So as usual I'm putting it off. Imagine, me, putting something off. Shocking.

-... -

Tomorrow is another trip to the gym (to burn off the Creme Brulee trying to stick to my ass), and then a pool party with some of the husbeast's co-workers. We got the Baby a life jacket. We'll take the camera. I might put on a bathing suit.

Should be interesting.


April said...

I love Creme Brulee ice cream. I'm not a huge Ben and Jerry's fan, but Creme Brulee is close to my favorite ice cream. Sometimes it seems a bit too sweet though.

Amy Lane said...

I'll stick to Rocky Road--but don't think I'm jealous that you can put on a bathing suit in public... (and I pretty much can't.) (Those little life jackets give you such peace of mind...for me, it was because the Cave Troll wouldn't go near the water in one...)

Alwen said...

My solution was smaller dishes. And matching smaller spoons, demitasse spoons. It's one of those psychological things -- I still fill the dish, but it's this little green melamine dish about three inches in diameter.

Have you read that book -- arrrrgh, now I can't think of the title OR author! -- anyway, it's all about psychological and social things that prompt us to eat. That manufacturers use on us.

NeedleTart said...

I've been thinking about Tut. Ribbing to echo the pleated linen? Beautiful colors for the "inlaid" jeweled collar? Can't wait to see it.

Jejune said...

Since being on the low-GI diet for Dotter's diabetes, she and I both can't tolerate sweet stuff so much anymore. Hubby, however, adds SUGAR to bananas on ice cream, what's THAT all about?!

The Tut sleeve is looking good so far! I agree with you about i-cord. Totally mind-numbingly annoying to knit.

Enjoy the party and the pool!

Maggie said...

This is unrelated to your post, you just seem like you would know about this.

I am thinking about knitting an heirloom blanket that my great grandmother gave me the pattern for. But the instructions are also really old fashioned. They don't include the amount or type of yarn required. Gauge really isn't critical as it is a series of small squares and I can just make more or less as needed. Do you have any idea how MUCH yarn it would take though to knit a blanket? Say I did it in worsted weight. I have no clue how much to order.

Also, the pattern keeps saying "0, k3,0...." Do you think the "0" is a yarn over?

Thanks soooo much!

Arianne said...

I so want to see Innsvinget finished I was about to offer to finish it FOR you.

I'm pretty sure that's not the point...