Wednesday, July 11, 2007

More Zool the Destroyer bullshit.

The Baby threw her worst-ever public tantrum this morning and I'm done with child care at the moment. She's down for a nap, jumping in her crib and singing songs. She can just stay there and be cute. Bah.

Sekhmet has crawled up to the highest level of her kitty condo, and is refusing to come down. (Though she's standing watch over her food.) That's how much fun it is at my house; the cat's hiding.


Anyway, the lace border continues apace:

I'm still on the first ball of yarn I started, and if I get in at least another half-repeat of the edge, it's looking good that I have enough yarn.

The pattern called for, I think, ten balls of yarn. I bought twenty. Just in case. (Seriously, knit-on edges suck up yarn and always use more than you think they will. And I was planning to do one.)


The only other exciting news is, my pants are loose. You know how when you work out (okay, maybe you don't know, but it often goes this way), you do it for a month or six weeks and don't feel like anything's happening, and suddenly you wake up and feel thinner? Today's that day for me. Well, I didn't wake up feeling thinner, but when I put on my pants and realized they were loose, that was a good thing. Until now I've been toning up more than losing fat, but I hope that will change and the fat will start coming off now. Because I'm damn sick of looking at it.

At any rate, it's working.

Doesn't it really, really suck, that 'eat less and exercise more' always works?? I hate that.


Carrie S. said...

If it makes you feel any better, it doesn't always work. At least it hasn't for me, and I bike 35 miles a week.

Mary Lynn said...

Congrats on the loose pants!

Kids can be just such a pain. When my middle child was in day care and a total hellion, her day care would call me because she is the devil. They didn't appreciate it when I would say things like "put her in time out and keep her there" "yes, she's cute but she's also the devil" "whose the adult there?" -- eventually, she grew out of it, and then she hit the ripe old age of 12 and has now reverted to the devil.

amy said...

Yes, congrats on the loose pants! Nothing like progress to provide motivation, I bet. :-)

Sigh. The yarn store lady had to scold my kid this morning. FIVE MINUTES I was in there, I knew EXACTLY what I wanted, and he couldn't just sit. We are going through a bad bit of no listening or cooperation. I'm hoping we outgrow it, because it's seriously adversely affecting how I feel about my own offspring.

Sheepish Annie said...

Congrats on slimming down! It really is a great feeling. And you get to buy new pants which is also rather fun!

Camille said...

I just started going to the gym. Not concerned about fat, more concerned about the fact I can't do 10mins on the cross trainer...

As for children, I'm busily knitting a gumnut hat for my friend's son, a friend who just discovered she was pregnant with her second yesterday. It better be a girl! I can't knit lace for boys...

Dana said...

My favorite weight loss moment was when I suddenly realized my thighs weren't rubbing together when I walked. Oh, and I could see my feet again.

Kids just sometimes suck (as do mommies, I'm told). Once I came to terms with that, life became much more bearable.

Amy Lane said...

Go loose pants...go loose pants... my offspring had a "We're going nowhere" sort of day to's weird how they just suddenly announce, through body language and a flat out refusal to so much as go outside and play, that they've had it with being dragged hither and yon, and they have perfectly good toys here, dammit, and they want to play with them, watch some movies, and doze off on mom's lap...

And then there are days when you find yourself screaming at them on a non-stop basis.

Motherhood's a hoot, in'n it?

Alwen said...

My sympathies on the kid tantrum. My favorite was the one that would make me so mad I ended up yelling at the kid to stop crying. In my calm, rational moments, I can think, "And I thought that would work?"

Fortunately as they get older, at least the public tantrums get a little quieter.

Love that lace border. You have Sharon Miller? Dang it. Must save up the $55 & buy that one.

And congrats on the loose pants. :)