Sunday, July 01, 2007

I'm a dumbass.

Other than time spent writing crazy-complicated shoulder decrease directions (and anyone with a problem with those, e-mail me, huh?), I spent the day knitting.

And I mean, spent the day knitting. I rolled out of bed around ten AM (the husbeast takes the baby on weekend mornings so I can sleep in), made a cup of tea, kissed assorted family members, and plopped down with the knitting. Literally started the day with it.

When I fixed dinner around six PM, I noticed my fingers were kind of numb and took some painkillers. This SHOULD have been when I noticed a problem, but as I've said in the past, with the chronic pain thing, you get so used to ignoring it that sometimes you lose the common sense with it.

Along about nine PM, I was watching Fellowship of the Ring on my computer (it's a sickness; I've lost count of how many times I've seen those movies... I think it's all about Aragorn), I noticed that my fingers REALLY hurt. I quit knitting and started moving my fingers around and realized that I couldn't make a fist. With either hand. When I went out to the kitchen to take more painkillers, the husbeast asked me what was going on (after I dropped the pills three or four times), and I told him. He said, "You dumbass."

I hate when he's right.

In the midst of my day of knitting, however, I've noticed that my current knitting projects resemble my grandma's old car. That's a good thing. Explanation tomorrow. Memory is triggered by the damnedest things sometimes.


Amy Lane said...

Yeah...when I freak out my neck by sitting too much and knitting (or falling asleep in the chair after staying up to one a.m. writing) Mate tells me that I'm popping my jaw and neck like a chicken. (Except no painkillers for me--they cause a lower GI bleed.)

Fellow dumbasses unite--we'll knit ourselves into oblivion!

Bells said...

Yes. You are a dumbass.

I meant to tell you a while ago, I finally sat down and watch the first two movies.

Yes, Aragorn is hot. You were right. And I enjoyed the movies apart from him, too.

Lynn said...

Hmmm those memory triggers wouldn't happen to be all those pain meds you were taking? ;)

Seriously, take better care of yourself girl! Hope you are back to knitting form ASAP.

Roxie said...

Stop. Stretch. Walk around the house and swing your arms vigorously. Stretch again. Repeat evey half hour. Yeah, it's a damned annoying interruption. So is permanent damage. Take care of yourself, dear. We all enjoy you so much. It would darken my days if you had to quit knitting.

Barb outside Boston said...

It's all about Aragorn.

KnitTech said...

Oh yes, the dumbass thing of the day. Aren't we suppose to avoid having a dumbass thing?