Monday, July 09, 2007


Online Dating

Apparently all I needed was a good rant and a couple "Sekhmet, you fucker." posts.


Thanks to Amy Lane for giving me the good news. hahahaha


Jejune said...

Oh well done! I'm a rather tame General rating - curses. Clearly need to lift my game!

RobynR said...

I knew you had it in you . . . when will you upgrade to x-rated though?

Geertje said...

congrats!! :)

Amy Lane said...

Okay, I have to stop going to that site--it makes me want to pull out all of my "the husband is gone, the roof is leaking, the kids are sick, the car broke down, and there's a weird blood spot in the garage" swear words to see what it takes to get an X-rating.

Teresa said...

Well, we just won't tell that I'm underage!