Thursday, July 26, 2007

Damn hand. Again.

Apparently crocheting at a small gauge and knitting a stuffed toy sort of thing at a tight gauge agravates my hand injury to no end. So things are going VERY slowly around here. Yesterday was spent pretty much not knitting, and today is about the same. I'm thinking of working on Innsvinget, though. The wool yarn and the small gauge and light weight are a good combination for NOT bothering my fingers.

Or I might spend the afternoon playing computer games.

I've still got this stupid sinus infection, though of course The Baby has shaken her cold. She always recovers instantly, as soon as I catch whatever germ she has. Other than the occasional cough, usually after a nap, she's back to her usual self. Today she has emptied a milk crate that was full of toys, and has been climbing in and out of it for hours.

Whine, whine, whine. (Me, not the Baby.)

An appointment has been made with the FNG for August second. (FNG is a Navy anacronym for "Fucking New Guy", though in this case it's more accurately FND, fucking new doctor. Yes, FNG is used in regular conversations. "We've gotta train the FNG before we get any more time off.")

Where was I?

Right. No drugs. I'm down to cutting them in half, because I seriously doubt they'll give me another narcotics refill over the phone. Last time it took two weeks and going to sit in the office and refusing to leave. I'd rather be in pain than deal with that stress, but that means... I'm in pain.

The fun never ends.

Computer games, or Innsvinget. Hmmm.

My child just pulled the top off a drum and put it on her head. I'll see if I can get a photo.


Sheepish Annie said...

I don't have a hand injury, but I often have some pain when I switch over to crochet. Minor compared to what you experience, though. But it really speaks to the difference in the movements of the hand and, for me, the wrist. Hope you get that new doc trained very, very soon. No one should ever have to live in pain when there are medications available.

Whenever I'm trying to get my Concerta scrip filled, I always make sure to send a nice, sarcastic, "thanks a bunch" to all the people who misused or stole the drug so that I can go through eight million hoops to get it legally.

debsnm said...

I had to quit crocheting - couldn't deal with the pain. Speaking of Norwegian knitting and the KAL - I found a GREAT web site with LOADS of free Norwegian patterns! - I realize that I'm probably the last person on this band wagon, but thought I'd pass it along.
In other news - did I miss your VK rant? I've been drooling over the web pages for days - there's actually one I. Must. Have.

Amy Lane said...

Thanks for the acronym--I need to add it to BOHICA (which is what we say during the first six weeks of every school year when kids are ping-ponging on our roll sheets like lottery balls) and FUBAR. We all know what FUBAR means...

Jejune said...

Hand pain is just the pits - affects everything you want and need to do... I've had my music career fucked up because of RSI in both hands (I was an orchestral violinist) which is still upsetting 20 years on. Good luck with managing the pain and meds (((hugs))).

Roxie said...

Baby is too dear for words. That space helmet is a stitch.

FNG? Love it!

Prayers for your hands and for pain relief.

Alwen said...

I love The Baby in Space Helmet pic!

I don't even have a hand injury (well, aside from the RSI of two decades of keyboarding), and I've been letting the knitting sit most of the week.

That would be after reading too much on focal dystonia after hearing an interview with pianist Leon Fleisher on the radio.

Dratted Google.