Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Almost there.

That's the first scallop (of sixteen, total) that I've bound off. The Damn Doily is finished!! Whee!! I almost met my goal of finishing it in a week (I started it a week ago yesterday, on a Monday), which for me is pretty good, considering what irrational, stupid goals I usually set for myself.

Right now I can't finish the bindoff because the Baby's on a tear, and I can't count crochet chains while yelling "QUIT BEATING ON THE CAT!" So that's waiting for nap time, or after bed time tonight. While I'm in the mood, I'm casting on for a quickie gift for a friend of mine that I SHOULD finish up today. It's just a small, silly thing, but no photos until after the person gets the gift.

After that, I'm not sure. Something I FEEL like knitting, to celebrate that I now have no deadlines until Christmas! Well, except for the Knitty deadline, but that's for an article... and my friend's kid is due November 15, so if I FEEL like it, I may knit something for that. But I think you'll all agree, cranking out a quick baby gift isn't on par with producing an adult-sized sweater that has to be stitch-perfect for the state fair. I'm thinking a Baby Surprise Jacket, that's always a fun, quick, entertaining knit. (Plus the recipient is a member of a family of knitters, and I love watching people's minds get blown by the BSJ.) And I already have most of the yarn in the house! So it's almost like using up stash!

As you can see, I've got my knitting mojo back.

None too soon, 'cause the Baby and I are both sick (sinus crap) and she wants to do nothing but doze on the floor in front of the TV while cartoons run. Maybe I'm a bad mother, but I'm doing it because it's easier than dealing with the whining. (It's educational cartoons, not a total loss. Or so I tell myself while blowing green snot out my nose.)

Nothing like a summer sinus infection to make you huddle down and knit something.


Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice not having the Sword of Damocles hanging over your head?

Good luck with the gift knitting!

Amy Lane said...

Oh that's so sad about the Baby--Ladybug is also, sadly ,not feeling well...all she wants to do is sleep on mom, and all mom wants to do is sleep, period. (That damned project got turned in yesterday. I hope that professor is feeling very self-satisfied, because I'm spending my day knitting and wishing she'd joined the peace corps.) I'm glad your mojo is back--it's really tough being stressed about something you love... (my word verification is veqed --is that like being 'vexed' with a cold? "I'b beeling bewy veqed today...") Ignore me... sleep deprivation...I'll be my usual semi-weird self tomorrow after a nap...

Alwen said...

"Quit beating on the cat!" Good thing I wasn't drinking coffee when I read that. At our house it's "Quit chasing that poor dog!"

I'm glad you're knitting what you feel like knitting. That's why I have so many works in progress, because if I don't feel like knitting on them, they wait.

Bells said...

yay for found-mojo. Not so yay for green snot.

Very much looking forward to the finished doily all blocked and pretty.

So the baby's obviously not so sick that she can't beat on the cat. That's a weird phrase, but I like it. We'd be more likely to say beating UP the cat.

Mary Lynn said...

My kids absolute favorite movie to watch while sick is "Annie." My oldest daughter once was sick for four days. We watched Annie five times. I have all the songs memorized! There are times when the best thing to do is to just flop on the floor and veg.

Your knitting is fabulous!

Roxie said...

Splendid doily! Run Sehkmet. Run and hide! Hooray for the return of the mojo! Bummer about the sinuses. Heal fast.