Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Well, fuck.

I just found out why I'm having trouble getting an appointment with my doctor; she's being transferred. It's the Air Force, and I really do understand that the pilots need the best doctors, and I sincerely think my doctor is great, so they've made a good choice, but DAMN IT, that leaves me with some yahoo I don't know.

This doesn't sound like a big deal, but my first appointment with the new guy is going to go something like "Hi, I quit taking the anti-depressants I was on for pain control. They made me so fat my knees are disintegrating. When I lose the weight I gained, I want to try a new kind. But in the mean time, I'm going through narcotics like candy because I'm working out - to lose the weight? - and not on any other painkillers, so give me more."

Military doctors just LOVE lines like that. Particularly from total strangers.

Nothing but good times ahead.

(The one bit of silver lining - the owner of my gym told me she can print out a listing of every time I've been there to work out since I joined. So I can prove I'm working out three or four times a week, which really DOES lend a bit of truth to the whole "Give me lots more class four drugs" request, not to mention it makes me look like I'm trying to fix my health instead of sitting and complaining about it. Well. I sit and complain too.)


Amy Lane said...

ooohh...I'd do a whole lot to keep a doctor I'd like. My internist--I've seen him twice (both times I was doped to the nines) and talked to him once over the phone...but I hope that man never leaves. Such a nice guy, always so pleasant...doesn't make you feel embarrassed about shoving something up where stuff is mostly supposed to come down and then moving it around a little... anyway, like the guy. I'd be crushed if he moved.

Julie said...

The only way I'd keep my doctor is if I joined the Air Force and became a pilot.

I'm over recruitment age and my eyesight is REALLY below the requirements.

Damn it.

And my word verification is 'lqpdg', which is not a word verification, it is a DYSLEXIA TEST.

Jacquie said...

Well....shit, bugger,bum.
I can totally relate to your dilemma. In our perfect world,which I believe will come one day....hopefully soon?....there will be stores everywhere with the perfect yarn,needles,any other stuff we may desire or think we desire AND the very best doctors,hairdressers and dentists and they will never move! Good luck and may the yarn be with you!

Alwen said...

Oh dear. My condolences. Bet that's going to go over like Oliver Twist.

And my verification word is bleeding vmauwvmd!

Bells said...

changing doctors can be really traumatic. We've had a similar issue when our dr retired last year and so far have not been able to settle on a new one. Same with the fertility stuff. Finding an OB we liked was a bitch.

Roxie said...

Any kind of specialist. Tax accountant, auto mechanic, doctor, or hairdresser. It's so hard to find one that's simpatico, competent, trustworthy. Best of luck on breaking in the new guy. And condolences to your old doc for losing you. You must have been one of the bright spots on her schedule. (dfplhx? Sounds like a new theater complex.)

b said...

That totally sucks. At least you have the gym to back you up so you don't just sound like some crazy drug seeker.

michelle said...

just curious what kind of workout program you are following

just asking because i have knee problems and some scoliosis(which helps provide the knee problems)
and i was having some success with the super slow weightlifting stuff

if you can find a copy of either "power of ten" or "the slowburn fitness revolution", they are both about the same, i think you might find them helpful. plus, both books propose less time at the gym(which means more time for KNITTING) but much more focused workouts

believe me - after doing 30 minutes of one of those workouts you will FEEL it, and you start to see results pretty quicky, AND it's a little easier on the joints since it's very controlled movements

ok - sorry to go on and on

oh - i WAS having some success, until i got stuck in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country with no access to a gym - but will be back in the states soon and looking forward to getting back into shape