Friday, July 13, 2007

I'm done with the aging thing.

Though I suppose it beats the alternative.

Since I started working out, I've been having problems with my ankles. Truth be told, they were bothering me before that, due most likely to the sudden thirty-pound weight gain I had last winter. So, tonight, we went out to the outlet mall and got these:

New tennies. I did not, in fact, pick them out to look cool. I found the cheapest, lightest shoes that had a low 'collar' (the part that goes around the ankle). They were these. The fact that I've always loved the aqua/yellow color combination is just happy coincidence. (Have I ever mentioned that due to my hand problems, I really HATE lace-up shoes?)

My ankles already feel better.

Aging. Sucks.


While at the outlet mall, the baby had another throw-herself-on-the-floor-and-scream conniption fit.

I'm really unamused by that. Even if the husbeast was there to help haul her away.


As for the knitting, the lace edge goes on and on and on. And on. And on.

Last night I re-knit the same two rows four times, screwing them up over and over. Eventually this morning I straightened it out. (Or rather, I picked back past the troublesome two rows, and re-knit it all. Still no idea exactly what stitches were wrong.) As always, the lesson remains: complex knitting + drugs = bad.

So that's it at my house. Screaming babies, creaky ankles, and fucked up knitting. Gonna be a gooood weekend.

Hope yours is better.


Sarah said...

My major requirement is high arch support, not as easy to find as you would think. I also ended up with shoes that are a pleasing color combo, but most important around the right price and the only female workout shoe in all of the MOA's DSW. Argh.

NeedleTart said...

I not only need the support, I wear a size 12. Women's 12. I'm just happy when they fit. Now if I could only find dress shoes that look cute and still support the ankles.....

Anonymous said...

Try these so you don't have to lace up all of the time. You can use these and slip on the tennies.

and they come in matching colors;-)


Anonymous said...

You know what they say -- one step at a time. Good for you!

As for Baby: I don't have kids, so I can't counsel you on the Baby's tantrum. I guess you could let the Husbeast have her for the weekend, so you can go for a walk and knit on the lace edging in peace.

Good luck.

Alwen said...

You'll probably kill me, but you're as young as you'll ever be again.

My mother always used to say, "You need the love the most when you're acting most unlovable," something I didn't really understand until dealing with complete toddler meltdowns.

Dunno if it will help, but mine was always aggly during growth spurts, and we figured out that toddlers just have no slack in their blood sugar. When they bottom out, piff, techy over everything.

We tried to carry relatively healthy snacks to stave him off until a real meal, but sometimes despite your best efforts they turn into little grizzly bears.

My little paragon's latest trick was to quietly and completely flatten allll the radiator fins on the outside of the window air conditioner. (Thank goodness for radiator fin straighteners.)

RobynR said...

This too shall pass. Until she's a teenager.

Amy Lane said...

I've had to throw all four over my shoulder in the middle of a fit and haul them out of Outlet Hell...I can only tell you that every time you do this, you are closer to the last time you have to do this... and that your baby will be better for it... (Every year I go out and buy a pair of K-Swiss--they are big for the teenagers, and oohhhhhh so comfy...)