Thursday, July 19, 2007

Local stuff additions.

Whenever the hub and I talk about favorite things to do when we lived other places (drink beer on the roof at Dave and Buster's, eat at the Brew Moon...) I've been trying to go through and add them to the Local Stuff listing. Then I try to give you guys a quick summary here, so you don't have to click on EVERYTHING but can pick and choose.

Here's the latest crop of stuff from all over. Today it's mostly about food. Because I'm hungry.

--The Bishop Museum is in Honolulu and is, pretty much, THE museum for Polynesian/Hawaiian cultural stuff, and natural history of the Hawaiian Islands.

--Brew Moon is a restaurant in Honolulu that's easy to get to, with free parking and an open balcony so you can eat outside. Good food, and a microbrewry, so good beer too. Get the beer sampler. There was many a night I sat there with visitors from the mainland, watching rain come down the mountains at us as the sun set off to our left, drinking beer with the wind in my hair. Sigh.

--The Cheesecake Factory is - at this point in time - a huge chain of restaurants across the USA that specializes in cheesecake. The first time I ate there, it was 1986, and it was one of the hottest family restaurants in Los Angeles. Get the double chocolate cheesecake.

--The Cleveland Museum of Natural history is just what it sounds like. There's a pretty good gem exhibit, and lots of dinos and interesting stuff dug up in local fields, like giant armored turtles the size of Volkswagons. One of the VERY few cultures to make it to the copper age in N America was on the shores of Lake Erie, so they have a lot of that stuff too (and also Hopewell culture stuff, for those of you who follow that stuff). CMNH also contains Lucy. I've been there to visit her many times. She's actually out with the regular displays unless they're doing conservation.

--Dave & Buster's is a chain of bars with restaurants and video game arcades attatched. The one in Honolulu is on three floors; Floor one, bar and restaurant. Floor two, video games. Floor three, roof bar. While playing games, the waitresses will happily bring you a beer. It's in a complex with a very good movie theater, so we used to go to the movies and then finish out our night in the roof bar with a couple beers. Very fun place to go for birthdays or whatever.

--Olde Mystic Village is in fact a modern (fairly modern, it's been there at least fifteen years) shopping center made to look like a small New England village. It's in Mystic, Connecticut, where I used to spend a lot of time. (And need to start spending time there again.) Anyway, there was a yarn shop there that had some of the only affordable wool I could find. (Patons.) I don't know if the actual yarn shop is still there, but it's a nice place.

--The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is in Cleveland, Ohio. Make sure to check out the MTV display on the second floor. VERY cool.

I'm wondering if I should keep adding local stuff... but I've got some room left in the sidebar before I have to worry about it.


Amy Lane said...

Neat stuff--I didn't know the cheescake factory started in LA--I try to ignore LA whenever possible...

amy said...

I don't think that yarn shop is there anymore. I don't ever remember seeing one, although I haven't been in a while. Mystic River Yarn is down the road a bit in Schooner's Wharf; I've been there many times.

Cheesecake Factory is pretty good for a chain restaurant. With excellent cheesecake.

And someday I WILL get to Ohio for the football hall of fame, and I want to see Lucy while we're there!

Anonymous said...

HA!! I work for Dave & Buster's. I am an oldtimer celebrating my 18 year anniversary this year. Glad you like it.


Dana said...

I just got back from a real-ish city, and am now completely re-unenthused with where I live. There's frickin' nothing here sometimes. Like no Dave and B or Cheesecake Factory. or Dean and DeLuca. Or McCormick and Schmick. Or Ruth's Chris. Or any "good" restaurant that DOESN'T have some fried seafood as a crown jewel on the menu. Sigh...

Mary Lynn said...

In the Cleveland area, we have two Cheesecake Factories (Legacy Village and Crocker Park) and one Dave & Buster's. Dave & Buster's and Crocker Park are very close to each other and also very close to my most favorite LYS (Birds of a Feather in Avon).

When you are out at the museums in Cleveland, most of which are in the same area of town, be sure and go to the Botanical Gardens and the Museum of Art.

The Science Center is right next door to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and next to that is the William G. Mather Steamship (a maritime museum). And if you are there, and look south up 9th Street (away from the Lake), the building on the north east corner is where I work . . . give a wave! LOL!

Lots of cool stuff in Cleveland.