Thursday, July 19, 2007

This should make nearly everyone feel better.

Thanks to my bud, Terby, I signed up to join Ravelry recently. (She pointed out that it would help me sell patterns. I was thinking I didn't have time to take photos and list all of the ten million projects and yarn balls around here. But she was right. It would help sell patterns.)

I just checked my current standing.

*You signed up on July 16, 2007
*You are #17571 on the list.
*11337 people are ahead of you in line.
*1128 people are behind you in line.
*32% of the list has been invited so far


SEVENTEEN BLOODY GODDAMN THOUSAND. That's about how many people live in my home town. I have the population of a small Ohio town ahead of me in line.

I assume that all of you out there bemoaning how long it will take you to get on Ravelry, are further up the line than I am. Remember that the next time you check.

Seventeen thousand. Can you imagine what that site's going to be like when everyone's on it? No wonder they're taking it slow. They'd crash a thousand times over if seventeen thousand people signed up tomorrow and tried to upload everything in their stash all at once.

Seventeen thousand.

Of course, if you were thinking of signing up and hadn't yet, you're now beating your head on your desk. Sorry about that. Come on over, we'll have martinis and beat our heads on my desk together.


Anonymous said...

Wow... and I thought I had signed up after the whole bandwagon. If it helps, I think I had to wait 4-5 weeks for my invite, and I think I heard that they were going to open it up in 4-6 weeks from now, so you're really not waiting any longer than any of the rest of us. Except those super-smart buggers who signed up at the very first. Damned trend-starters.

Terby said...

... And that should leave you with plenty of time to take photos of it all if you start now. Because I am a nosy nosy person, and I like being able to see what people have in their yarn closets.

So whatcha knitting today? It's only 5 million degrees outside, so I'm guessing it's not a big warm sweater at the moment.

Netter said...

Am I the only one stunned that there are 17000+ knitters online? And I'm not included. I can't be the only lame-o to not have signed up yet.

Amy Lane said...

no,no--I haven't signed up yet either--I'm too much of a dilletante to sign up... I'd be so terribly embarrassed... but I'll have fun watching everyone else!!!

Bells said...

I'm coming up for two months waiting and I had about 700 ahead of me yesterday.

I'll send you a postcard once I'm there julie and tell you ALL about it. ha ha

amy said...

Well. I feel better about being 14,308. I delayed a bit because I kept hearing about how much time it just sucked right up. But I don't want to be left out. You know, the only girl at home, watching Sixteen Candles instead of going to the dance. Nope, not me. I'm number 14, 308.

Julie said...

No, Netter, you aren't the only one shocked. That was my first thought, too. "THERE ARE SEVENTEEN THOUSAND KNITTERS ON LINE??"

I'm sure there are more. Probably. But good grief. Seventeen thousand.

Bells said...

Oh yeah, I know knitters who haven't signed up. Imagine if they all did!!!

I'm worried about the time factor too but like Amy, I don't wanna be left out.

Dana said...

Whoah. If all these knitters united, think of the world change. Or the money someone could make?
I'm on. Been on for about a month or so. Yeah.... I know you hate me. It's hella-fun. So much so that I don't even blog much anymore.

kathleen said...

I did the same thing, but a couple of days earlier than you did. Hopefully, I will have knitted lots of stuff before they open up. Hopefully it will be as fabulous as everyone says it it.