Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bah. Humshit.

First of all, my apologies to anyone who e-mailed me yesterday and got what can kindly be called minimalist replies. I've had a migraine for a couple days, and yesterday was just the final straw. I spent the day popping migraine meds and drinking high-caffiene anything, and feel almost human this morning.

I am still working on the swatch with which to demonstrate half-graft hems. I hope to have that ready to go, tutorial and all, either today or tomorrow night at the lastest. (I have to do it with the husbeast around, to take photos.)

I'm also working on charting the Great-Grandmother's edging for the Pinwheel Jacket. I've knit a pattern repeat and it seems to be all the things I need; enough but not too much difficulty, width, and looks. Unfortunately the charting has turned into a total clusterfuck. Stitch and Motif Maker will only make charts 80 stitches wide. (What the fuck is up with that?) So while I can mash the entire chart into less than 80 stitches, it's just that: mashed up. Makes no fucking sense. Well, here, you can see it yourself.

This is the mashed-togther step one chart, where I just transferred the written word to symbols and slapped it down.

THIS is the unfinished revised chart, where I'm spreading stuff out so I can tell what in hell I'm knitting.

For those of you driven insane by blank spaces on charts, this is a fine example of why they're there. See how much easier the second chart is to follow?

Anyway, I hope to finish that today and get started on the actual edge. I've got to do forty - FORTY! - repeats to go around the entire edge of the Pinwheel Jacket. I'm sure you'll all hear enraged shrieking about that in coming days.

Tut Tut is on hold until this is done. And I think I'm going to finish the Innsvinget sleeve that's on the needle I need. I'm telling myself I work better when I switch around on projects and don't get bored. Don't tell me otherwise, it'll ruin my day.

Still need to have a doily done by August 11. Ha.

I'm drugged and babbling. Can anyone tell? Nah, I didn't think so.

Everyone cruise on over to Bells' blog and comiserate with her. She's doing the Steek-Along and it looks like her sleeve isn't working. Shit, shit, SHIT.

Time for more caffeine.


allicats said...

Have you tried Knit Visualizer ( or even excel or excel wannabees? There is also a lace charting group on yahoo groups. I haven't used Knit Visualizer yet, but have heard many recommendations. So far all my charting has been done in spreadsheets.

PS *OT* Did you know we currently have a copy of the Magna Carta up here in Virginia Beach right now?

Amy Lane said...

commiserations on the migraine, darlin'--it sucks oozing rat ass when you don't feel well... (I used that expression w/Mate the other night...he almost spit out his soda--well worth it, thanks!) I don't know what to say with the charting...I'm so much in awe w/what you accomplish, I just know it will be beautiful... and if you don't win, you know that someone is giving inappropriate sexual favors to someone else in the back of the judging booths, and then you just sneak around w/cameras and have yourself a good chuckle... (sorry...fiction becomes a habit...)

Bells said...

Commiserations right back at ya. Migraines. Shudder. I've been free for a while. Touch wood.

That graph looks amazing. I like white spaces. They tell me I don't have to think for a little bit.

Terby said...

The lace pattern looks interesting, but I haven't knit enough lace to be able to really envision what you're doing.

Migraines suck. The weather isn't helping much right now either.

RobynR said...

Migraines. Blah. I won't use the stuff because I've been boycotting them over their commercials, but my father in law, a migraine sufferer, swears by Head-on, apply directly to the forehead.

debsnm said...

Try this:
It's for word processing programs, and looks like it will work nicely!