Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Oh yeah. This is gonna be fun.

I begin to see, now, why the crocheted edge is on the Pinwheel Jacket.

That's three pattern repeats. I need forty. Each pattern repeat is taking me about an hour to knit. Which means if I spend one forty-hour work week knitting, I can do it in five days. I'm thinking it'll take more like two weeks. If I'm lucky. At the moment, I'm doing about one and a half pattern repeats a day. That comes out to, what, thirty days to do the edge?

Well, if it's not done by October, I'm not entering it in the state fair. Screw the insane deadline-knitting like I did for last year's fair. Not happening again. Nope.

In case you're wondering what the white edge is on the knitting above, that's sort of my crystal ball. I have to graft the beginning of the edging to the end, to make a circle. This way, I can knit to just that line in the pattern, where I switched from white yarn to teal, and then see just what I have to do, to graft them together.

I hate grafting lace.

Still, it'll look good if I ever finish it.


I keep forgetting to mention. Danielle, one of my Beloved Readers (bless you every one) has been dyeing yarn and roving with food coloring, according to my article over at Knitty. (Link in the side bar.) She got inspired by some purple icing and dyed some beautiful roving that manages to avoid the Trainwreck Effect! Very impressive. And pretty. Link here.


Last night we went to a pub to hang out and play a popular trivia game (it involves the whole bar; about twenty questions over two hours, winners get 'pub money' for the next night they play trivia). I was invited by the husbeast's co-workers, to join their team. My job was to be the geography ringer. This is greatly amusing to me, because of all the topics I think I know something about, geography is not in the top ten. (I was sitting there last night, going "Ask a question about color theory. I can do that." while the guys stared at me like I was insane.) After weeks of pitiful tales from the husbeast about questions they'd missed, I gave in. (Him: "The question was, what country's crest has an emu and a kangaroo. We said New Zealand." Me: "New Zealand doesn't have kangaroos, you dumbass." Him:"See? We need you.") We took the Baby along (and a pile of crayons and paper), and had a nice time. The Baby loves getting out of the house, even to hang in a smoky pub and color on the table. She dances to the music in her high chair. I think I need to take the camera.

No pub money winnings from last night, but we did pretty good. Now I'm invited back next week. The Baby, too. (The Baby will go for the Key Lime pie.)


Now I get to go out in the middle of a heat advisory, WITH the Baby (of course), to visit the pharmacy. Oh goodie. I can't wait. You all know how I LOVE the pharmacy.


Sheepish Annie said...

The socks I just finished were my "traveling project" for quite a while and got a major kick out of telling anyone who commented on them that the yarn was dyed by a Samurai with food coloring! I am easily amused, granted. But, as I was making the hospital rounds for a while there, I was in need of ways to entertain myself and keep the lab techs wondering. :)

And the socks came out great!!! (Earth colorway)

Amy Lane said...

Maybe they'll ask questions about Disney next week and she can answer!!! (the lace looks gorgeous...once again, I'm waiting to see what it will turn out to be!)

Bells said...

yeah but last year's madness around State Fair time was so much fun. Think of the readers Julie.

Of course the answer was Australia. Hoardes of Aussie readers would have abandoned you in an instant if you'd got that wrong.

Pin wheel edge is looking GREAT!

Rachel H said...

I'd go for the key lime pie too.

Roxie said...

Love the knit-lace edging! Stick with it, warrior!

Love trivia games!It's the only place I can use my omnivorous and unstructured education. So gald they were wise enough to include you!