Saturday, July 14, 2007

Meet the bane of my existence.

The BASKETBALL, not the Baby. Geez. You people.

Yes, while at the store to buy tennis shoes, the husbeast decided the Baby needed a mini basketball and bought her one. She then promptly threw a temper tantrum over it, when it was put in the shopping bag. Right there I was not well-disposed toward the whole thing.

Then this morning I got up, she brought it over to me, and dropped it on my toe.

-... -

Sekhmet fell asleep with her tongue sticking out again.

And, yes, I am enjoying my new camera, thank you for asking. Look at the definition on that closeup!

Dumbass cat.

-... -

It rained all day. Again.

And again.

-... -

The knitting goes on, and on, AND ON, with the edging. I've got, I think, eight pattern repeats done. (Of the needed forty.) I think tomorrow I may take a break from the whole thing and work on "Innsvinget". At the least, the wool will make a nice change for my fingers. And I need the needle to finish Tut Tut.

Oh. And I ordered Christmas yarn today. Not from Bendigo; Bendigo wanted THIRTY DOLLARS for shipping. I'm sorry, guys, no matter how much I love that yarn, I'm not spending half the cost of the yarn on the shipping (I wanted six balls of Rustic 8-ply for my father-in-law's sweater). Instead, I got yarn for my mother-in-law's sweater, which is a trial run for a Celtic pattern that - again - I want to sell. Eventually.

But for now, Iron Chef is on. And the bloody damned edging awaits.


Anonymous said...

I think the kid gets cuter everyday.


Sheepish Annie said...

For what it's worth, that's a kind of cool basketball. Probably not worth a full-on tantrum, though.

I do love it when the kitties stick their tongues out like that...

Amy Lane said...

"Children are born with the innate need to communicate" (Says my CLAD professor...) Just think...the tantrums mean she's normal!!!

Bells said...

Thirty for shipping? Ouch. That's a bugger. Let me know if I can get you anything and we'll come up with some arrangement.

We need a video of the baby and the ball!

Roxie said...

Ooooh, there you go. when the baby starts to wind up, just point the camera at her. You know she'll never do anything interesting on film. And if she does, you have a ticket for any number of guilt trips when she is a teen. It's win-win.

Anonymous said...

ooooh, if you don't want your rain, can we have it? it's hella dry here . . . most unusual.

the baby is adorable, but basketball in the house is a habit to nip in the bud, no?

ellen in indy

Alwen said...

grumble grumble weather! Lake Superior is close to record-low levels, Lake Michigan is down so the freighters can't get up the channels, and my local area has had no rain since May.

Send it up here! Here, rain, up here, [whistles].

Barb outside Boston said...

I think tomorrow I may take a break from the whole thing and work on "Innsvinget".

Yes, we've heard THAT before ;-)

I would so love to see it on you--it's absolutely gorgeous!