Sunday, July 29, 2007

Military acronyms.

There's nothing to blog here (I'm still sick and I'm still knitting a sleeve) and everyone had such fun with FNG, that I thought I'd list some more. This is, of course, the unofficial version. None of that legitimate CINCPACFLEET stuff here. (That stands for Commander in Chief of the Pacific Fleet.)

FUBAR is the most common, standing for Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

SNAFU is related, Situation Normal, All Fucked Up, as is

JANFU, Joint Army-Navy Fuck Up

FNG, Fucking New Guy

TLAR, pronounced tea-lar - last syllable rhymes with bar, That Looks About Right (handy in knitting) related to

SWAG, Scientific Wild-Ass Guess

REMF, Rear Eschelon Mother Fucker

BOHICA, Bend Over, Here It Comes Again

DILLIGAF, Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck

The husbeast and I can't think of any more. But I probably will as soon as I hit 'publish'. TLAR really will come in handy for all us knitters. And there aren't even any swear words in it.


Bells said...

FUBAR I knew. The others are all new.

Explain REMF. That one is a mystery.

Julie said...

'Rear eschelon' is a sarcastic term for those great military commanders who lead from behind. Or from their office in the Pentagon, six thousand miles from the battle. The other part is self-explanatory, I think.

amy said...

My dad was in the Navy, but I suspect some of these are new in the last 45+ years. FUBAR and SNAFU I know from dad, and SWAG was common in college, the BS degree. The others are new, though. Good to know.

Anonymous said...

Love them! The only one I know is 86 from the restaurant business, meaning it's gone and take it off the menu. 86 the soup! LOL We went to a nice restaurant, and from where we were sitting, DH could see the white board telling the waitstaff how many was left of what. He's like, "86 Lobsters! Wow! How do they keep that many back there?"


Lynn said...

Too cool. :)

I've been associated with the AF for many years..AF brat, married to an AF in 1st marriage. This reminded me of a few sayings of the military.

High Speed. Low Drag.
It's all about Nose Speed and Velocity.

Roxie said...

I was engaged to an AF pilot. they spelled it DILLIGAFF because they only gave flying fucks.

Souvenier exotic statuary, stuffed giant cobras, hand-carved coffee tables in the shape of reclining nudes and the like are known as BUF-ies. Big Ugly Fuckers.

And when the shifts have to share the same beds in rotation, it's known as "hot racks" The thought of climbing into a bed still warm from the previous occupant kind of creeps me out.

Lynn said...

Oh I remembered one more

BCG - Birth Control Glasses. Those are the old time military glasses you could get..think big ass Buddy Holly glasses.