Friday, July 20, 2007

Anyone else get this?

I call it "Thumb Divot". It's from knitting, and any time I really work on a project, I wind up with grooves like that in my thumb and index fingers. I suppose that's common, but freaky anyway. The groove stays for hours after I quit knitting. For years I thought it was from holding a pencil, but then I started typing everything (including grocery lists at one point), and it was still there. Then I noticed it turned up when I knit. Doesn't take me long to put two and two together, nope, not me.

-... -

Speaking of knitting like a fiend, I'm on round 66 of the damn doily:

23 rounds to go. Much thumb divoting going on.

-... -

Sekhmet, that fucker, has been sleeping on my bum ankle.

It's damned painful, no matter how cute it is, which is just what I expect from the furball. Seriously, though, she's been feeling very insecure thanks to The Baby poking at her and wants nothing more but to lay on me or near me at all times. VERY fun.

-... -

The Baby has found a new method of box sitting:

I swear I did not put her in there like a turtle on its back. She climbed in and sat that way all by herself. I swear. Honest.

-... -

Aaaaand, I got yarn in the mail yesterday. This, the green and beige, is meant for my mother-in-law's Christmas sweater. Shame I won't get to it until October.

-... -

I went and got my pre-paid little ticket stub for Deathly Hallows last night. The store will be open after Midnight tonight, for anyone who wants to pick it up, but I know what will happen if I try that. I'll get home at one in the morning, and flip open the book to read the last chapter (assuming I haven't been killed in a flaming car crash on the way home, trying to read and drive at the same time), I'll go 'WOW', then flip to the beginning and start reading, then wind up staying up all the next day, and feel like shit for a week until I get myself straightened out. So I'll wait until Saturday morning, go to the gym, then pick up my book.

Being a grownup is such a bitch sometimes.


debsnm said...

For a while, I thought the line in my index finger was a permanent deformation - until I knit with some really cheap blue yarn that left dye in the divot - always one to panic first, I thought my finger was rotting. A hand-wash fixed all but the divot.

Amy Lane said...

I plan to charge over my family when the book hits the front door, and then lock myself in the bathroom with a soda and my walkman until I'm done. I don't think it will actually happen , but the planning is fun...

Bells said...

There's a new harry potter book? Huh? Who knew? ;-) I maintain a happy lack of interest.

I don't get the thumb thing but I get very sensitive pads on the fingers I use to push the needle down or through. I got these nifty little silicone pads that quilters use from a friend and they work a treat.

I love the box sitting photos as much as the sekhmet photos!

Sheepish Annie said...

I've been trying to figure out the callous on my index finger for a week now. Spinning. Took me a week of running wool over it to catch on. Sheesh!

The damn doily is looking great!

Alwen said...

Thumb divot even as I type. And another divot and a little callus on the side of the first joint of my left little finger, where it controls the needle.

But the leg warmers are almost done -- I'm going to be so chuffed with myself next winter. If we have winter.

And I thought the thumb callus from playing clarinet back in high school was bad.

Fancy Pants said...

Hiya! I do get the divot on my thumb and I get a weird little callous on my ring finger of my left hand (I'm a lefty knitter) when I knit feverishly, like right now. I shouldn't even be taking the time to comment but I couldn't help it. Back to knitting. :)

Ana said...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that reads the last chapter first and then get to reading the rest of the book. I'm leaving in less than an hour togo pick up my copy. I can't wait.

Camille said...

Only the faintest of faint thumb divots on me, but I have had a split finger before, when I was finishing my tofutsies socks

The skin on the tip of my index finger split, so I tried holding the needles differently. I promptly got a second split right next to the first one.

Luckily they're both healing now I'm knitting lace...

go figure!

Donna Lee said...

I am going to be impossibly strong and wait umntil my daughter reads her copy of Harry Potter first. I don't want to spend that much money for two copies of the same book (especially since i just ordered Nancy Bush's knitting on the road for me). I will read the last chapter first, I always do. It helps to know which characters to not get attached to....

Kristen said...

I get thumb and index (or is it middle?) finger divots from knitting, but I actually got calluses on my thumbs from playing pinball back in the early 90s before the gangs started hanging out at my favorite 24-hour pool hall/arcade.

Do you know how hard it is to find actual pinball games now? *sigh* Good thing I started knitting.