Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Still not done.

Warning: This is a whining, sniveling post. If you can't bear to read it, come on back later today when there will hopefully be a picture of a finished sleeve posted.

Anyway. I dug in yesterday afternoon around three PM and started knitting like a fiend. Around five PM I felt like I had worms crawling under the skin of my wrist (nerve damage talking) and took a tranquilizer. By eight PM, five hours' almost straight knitting had caught up with me and I took a narcotic to get the rabid squirrels in my wrist to quit chewing. Apparently, I have never taken those drugs together before, because I've never been so nauseated in all my life. I kept knitting doggedly on until about eleven PM, at which point I started gagging, gave up, and went to bed.

I got up this morning late (as late as the baby would go for), and started knitting again. Right now I've got about ten rows of sleeve left, plus the purl 'fold' line for the hem, and the fifteen rows of the hem itself. It WILL get done today. WILL WILL WILL.

Then I'll celebrate by cutting the neck off and re-knitting it. Oy.

During the knitting yesterday there was an interesting development; the baby figured out how to take off her diaper. No accidents yet, but figure the odds on how long that will last. So I've got a bare-assed baby crawling around. (It would be quite amusing, really, except for the potential accident problem.)

I also ordered some yarn. The husbeast has graciously agreed to accept a green sweater for Christmas instead of blue, because I'm so sick of looking at blue. And I had money left over (from my last Knitty honorarium) so I ordered a horde of yarn for a project that's been lurking in the back of my mind since seeing Kay crank out all those mitered squares at Mason Dixon Knitting. (How does she knit that fast? Whole freaking blankets in the time it takes me to cast on a pot holder.) At the least, there will be something new for me to complain about, soon.

I should probably knit another square for that afghan square jacket I am half-assedly making, too. Or maybe more than one.

Still no size 0 needle in the mail. Halcyon Yarns is overnighting me another one. I will say, the screwup was annoying, but they're doing their best to make it right and being nice about it. It's not their fault they're dealing with a crazy woman on a deadline.

I am now going to go finish this bloody sleeve. I am as sick of knitting it as you are of reading about it. I promise.


debsnm said...

I realize that the baby is only a year old, but if she's smart enough to take off her diaper, maybe she's smart enough to use the potty chair?!?!?!?!? Believe me, you haven't LIVED until you've begun potty training! Good luck!

Bells said...

maybe she's also smart enough to help you finish the Blue Shimmer?

Rae said...

Hope you have hardwood floors. They're much easier to clean than carpet, especially with poop accidents.

I agree Kay at M-D knitting is a speed knitter, but your marathon sessions really put me to shame. I'm lucky if I eek out 2-3 rows a day, much less a friggin sleeve. Good job!

Amy Lane said...

Yeah...I could watch (little) butt cheeks jiggle forever, except that's the business end of a loaded weapon right there...

Anonymous said...

My daughter did the same thing with her nappy (diaper). Pajama bottoms or trousers or those little tops with the poppers between the legs are the only thing that stops her from undoing them and waving them victoriously over her head (not what I wanted to find at 4 in the morning when her delighted shouts woke me!)