Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Comment round-up.

There's nothing new to report on the knitting. The doily is still a doily and the Blue Shimmer is growing about an inch a day. (If I can maintain that speed, there's a good chance of finishing it in time, but my fingertips are going numb, so it's still a crapshoot.)

I do have some comments on the comments, though.

Bells says I've reassured her that it's possible to have a baby and still knit. Well, sorta. At the moment I'm doing the stay-at-home-Mom thing, so I am capable of a lot more knitting than I would be if I were working. With a full-time job and a baby, I'd only manage maybe an hour of knitting a night, after the baby went to bed - assuming I could stay up that long. And even now, if you pull a non-stop knit session like I'm doing with the Blue Shimmer, something's got to give. I don't neglect my kid, though, I neglect the housework. Someone once asked J.K. Rowling how she managed to write a book and raise a baby. She said "Easy. I didn't do any housework for a year." It's going to take a shovel to clean this house out in October once the Blue Shimmer is turned in.

Carol commented on how well-behaved my cat is, in proximity to yarn. She is, mostly. (There were some yarn-chewing incidents right after we brought the baby home from the hospital, but that was to express annoyance - she knew it was wrong.) The thing is, I've got a weird cat. She's trainable. She's got all her claws because it was possible to teach her not to scratch the furniture. She does 'sit', 'stay', 'lay down', and will come when you call her. (This weirds people out immensely.) I was raised with dogs and had never had a cat before - no one told me you can't train them, so I did. So, yes, after a few nasty incidents when I first got her, and some rebellion when we brought the baby home, she is good with yarn. Weird cat. (Well, she still snuffles yarn like crazy, and will rub her face all over it, and happily sleeps on top of projects in progress - or inside them. But she doesn't chew it.)

Otherwise, I sit here and knit and knit and knit and knit and dream of projects I want to knit when I'm done with all this stuff. (I may make a list for 2007; the list for 2006 was so amusing.)


Bells said...

oh so all I have to do, when eventually a mummy, is tell my husband that knitting comes before working? Cool. He'll love that.

housework is for people with no lives.

Bells said...

the world is very small Julie. Both the comments you commented on were from me and my friend Carol, who came here cos I wrote about you my blog....!