Friday, September 08, 2006


I just had to look up how to spell 'ambience'. (And how are you supposed to look something up when you don't know how to spell it? So stupid. There's got to be a better way.) It's been a rough 48 hours at House O' Samurai.

The baby is teething, or not feeling well, or demonically posessed, or something. She hasn't slept more than four hours at a time since Tuesday and every night is awake almost hourly, with a rousing fit of screaming around two AM, lasting for about 45 minutes. The husbeast and I look like zombies (and feel like it, too) and of course the baby's perky as heck in daylight. Maybe we should hang some garlic around her neck tonight.

There was no hand specialist visit yesterday (though I really liked the suggestion that I tell the doc that my knuckles are red due to allgergies - I'm gonna try that). The baby-sitter fell through and I called to reschedule with her howling in the background... I apologized for rescheduling on short notice, but I'm sure the receptionist hung up the phone and thought "Thank goodness she didn't bring that screaming kid here today."

Anyway. I went out and run errands, and while in the Jeep the baby magically shut up, so we went for a drive.

Patriot's Point Park is where the Cooper River meets the Atlantic, on the northern side. They've got an old WW2 aircraft carrier parked there and overhauled as a museum, the USS Yorktown. (The Yorktown web site makes noise, so if you're at work, click with caution.)

There is no real way to communicate how big an aircraft carrier is, without standing a person on the deck of one. But you see the little white dot at the end of the howitzer? That's a full-sized van, parked on the pier, next to the ship.

We also drove across the new Arthur Ravenel Bridge to get there:

This is a lousy photo; there are better ones on the web site. It's a really nice bridge, four lanes in either direction. At night they uplight it from the roadway and it looks like it's floating in the air. Very cool.

I also caught a riverboat going upstream, but it was far away and teeny tiny.

Other than that, knitting continues on the lace and sweater.

There is a small black something floating in the bottom of my tea cup. I'm telling myself it's a tea leaf, and not an ant.

...I just finished uploading all the photos and now there are two specks in the bottom of my tea cup. Hmmm.


Laura said...

As archaic as it sounds, have you tried a little Jack Daniels on her gums? It's old as the hills, but it's worked for generations.

TrishJ said...

If I were closer, I'd babysit the demon! HUGS, and thanks for the cool pics of SC! Neat!

Sheepish Annie said...

Poor little probably-not-demonically-possessed baby! Hope she feels better soon. (as well and mom and dad) Like the pix from the drive; it was almost like getting out and about myself.

Bells said...

Love the Jack Daniels suggestion!! LOL!

Great photos. Love the idea of you driving a demonically possessed baby around town taking photos of military stuff for your blog!!!! The world is a weird place!