Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Gushing and, um, stuff.

I saw the new hand specialist today. (Among other reasons that it sucked to move away from Hawaii, losing all my doctors and having to find new has really, really sucked. I still haven't replaced my dentist. I loved my dentist.)

Anyway. Hand specialist. He's awesome. Had to leave in the middle of my appointment to talk to a mad scientist prosthetics builder about a custom elbow for some lady so that he could save her arm and avoid amputating it. My kind of doctor. (Yes, I eavesdropped shamelessly. It's a new doctor. I gotta find out if he's worth keeping.) He's impressed as hell with my range of motion and ability to do things, because, bluntly, my hand really shouldn't work as well as it does. My circulation is okay - the cold hand is due to chronic pain nervous system weirdness, not missing veins and arteries. And my only high risk activity at the moment is carrying the baby around. (Okay, I might have left out the part about the knitting marathon on deadline. I may have left out the knitting altogether. I may be a big old chicken.) So I've got a list of symptoms to watch out for and not ignore, and he kept me on as an open-ended patient so that if something weird happens I can just call him instead of having to do referalls and insurance company forms and other stupidity.

I like him. Good guy. Dr. Muirhead in Charleston, if you're in the area and need a hand specialist.

Yesterday, I went on a quest for a size 0/2mm circular to finish this sweater with. No luck. At one point I was so desperate I was ready to buy another Susan Bates, but the craft store didn't have them anyway, and sanity prevailed. (So, Annie, there's no reason for you to fly down here and beat me half to death with a size 15 single point. Really.) I ordered another Addi Turbo last night, and shall be lighting candles to the Post Office Gods in the hope it arrives in time. Otherwise I will be left knitting a 44 inch hem on eight double point needles. I hope to hell it doesn't come to that. It may be the final screw-up on this damn project that drives me over the edge. (Further over the edge?)

While at the craft store, I, um, sort of slipped and fell on my credit card and bought three more spools of crochet cotton. It was an accident. Really. The husbeast sighed heavily at me when he saw it, and didn't say anything else.

In other news, I want to point out that I am not the only lunatic knitting on 0000 needles. Alwen's doing it too. I've been trying to leave a message on her blog, but Blogger is not allowing it, so I'll say it here. YEAH, YOU GO GIRL!! CRAZY KNITTERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE! (As I logged on to Blogger today, they had a notice up about taking down the system to fix it, and I read it as "Scheduled OUTRAGE, 4 PM", which says it all, right there.)

Crow Calling Woman wanted to know why Lion Brand is banned in my house. It's because in the long run, it costs me money and time. I've bought Lion Brand products several times, and after knitting with them a while, would throw away the project and the yarn and buy new and re-knit. Their yarns split and snag and are not worth the money charged for them. (Considering they charge natural fiber prices for acrylic.)

I think that clears up questions in the comments... If not, give me a shout, either in comments or e-mail me privately.

This may be a sick commentary on my personality, but I desperately want a spare two thousand dollars, so I can buy one of these. I want to hang an Andoluvian Grackler over my fireplace. Utterly hilarious. Being broke is a bitch. Who knew silliness could be so expensive?

Now, I must go knit. Light blue. Stockinette. I will try to muffle my screams of boredom.


FairyGodKnitter said...

There is nothing better than having a Dr. that you trust, especially with your hands. I had a great one fix me up about 8 years ago and have no regrets. I now have a orthopedic guy that is trying to fix my knee. (I need that knee in order to walk to my LYS).

There is nothing worse than not having the right needle for the job (except being too broke to but Gracklers). If your needle doesn't come quick, let me know and I'll loan you mine.

Sheepish Annie said...

Confession time. I bought a size 4 SB needle the other day. I had no choice...it was all they had and the crappy joins were a reasonable sacrifice to make rather than continue to work with the too-short cable I had. I shall proceed to the flogging with the size 15 single point once I'm over this cold. ::hanging head in shame::

Alwen said...

Hey. Thanks for all the traffic. Us 0000 knitters have to stick together! And sorry for the comment problem, which I think is due to "Blogger not speaking to Blogger beta". They claim that's fixed -- I'll see in a sec.

"Slipped on your credit card", BTW, is a phrase I just gotta steal!

Amy Lane said...

I'm so glad you found a good doctor...the last time I ventured out of my medical comfort zone I ended up with a proctologist that looked just like Dennis Farina--I was never able to watch Law & Order again! Knit on Samurai Knitter-- I've seen 24 inch 0 needles--I will wish for one of them to wander your way...

(I have a guilty thing for Lion Brand. Several guilty things, actually--giant boxes filled with yarn in my garage. There are moths in my garage--I keep my real sheep fur in the house.)

April said...

i must own a mulberry street unicorn - i wonder if they'd take sock yarn in trade?

TrishJ said...

Dude, for 8K you could have a whole set of silliness!

Yay on the good dr! You need one.

Dianne said...

I agree - I need one of those over my fireplace. Actually, I need a fireplace.!!! What find!

Thanks for your contributions to "Knitty". Great stuff.