Saturday, September 02, 2006

I'm doomed.

That's the (blurry) result of two days' fiendish knitting; barely two inches of fabric. Yesterday I knit every minute I reasonably could without permanently screwing up my hand, and that's where I'm at. 15 rounds at 532 stitches per round. That's almost eight thousand stitches, and looking at it that way it's not bad for two days' work, but IT'S NOT FAST ENOUGH. As I used to say in high school, 'shitdamnhellfuckscrew'. Unless something major happens when I split the sweater for body and sleeves and the knitting picks up (and I don't forsee it happening, the body stitch count is over four hundred stitches per round), there's no way this is gonna be done by October fourth.

If, in the middle of September, it's looking like a lost cause, I'm thinking I can finish "Innsvinget" (the blue and black sweater for me that's missing an arm) in a week or two and turn that in, instead. I'm pretty sure the rules say it's got to be knit in the last three years, and it has been. (Need to go check that.) There's no cheating, even if I want to, because the damn sweater has "JLT 04" knit into the bloody hem. Although my finishing work on that sweater's not what I'd call up to state fair level, it's better than not turning in ANYTHING. The yarn police still aren't arresting sloppy kniters, right?

It's gonna be a boring month of fiendish stockinette knitting around here. Sigh.

The baby-cat world domination plan is back on. There had been a falling out after an international incident involving tail and ear pulling and hand whapping, but both sides have patched it up and are taking a break from peace talks to play. Here they are, both trying to look innocent after flinging blocks all over the living room (the baby throws, the cat chases and pounces).

(Actually, the cat got left at home with automatic food and water while we went to Ohio, and she's so happy to see us all that she's been stuck to us like a big fuzzy hair ball since Wednesday.)

Back to the stockinette salt mines. (I almost typed 'sock mines'. What a mental image that brings.)


debsnm said...

Doood!!!! I really feel for you - maybe if you sit in front of the TV, and just knit without thinking, it'll at least SEEM like it's going faster.

TrishJ said...

hugs on the lack of inches! maybe you could turn in a belly blue shimmer, like Harlot was working on with her Gansey...