Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Done and done.

Two sleeves. About damn time. I finished it just about fifteen minutes ago, took photos, downloaded them, and here I am. There is much rejoicing. I hope I never again have to knit a small tubular anything with two circular needles. (Don't know how some of you sock knitters do that.) But it's done.

Now I just have to fix THIS slight problem:

I did short rows to 'raise' the back of the neck and make the yoke fit more comfortably, back before I started the color knitting. Then I lost my mind or was drugged or an alien took over my body, and I put the sleeves in the wrong place, in relation to the neck. The 'long' part of the neck now hovers over the left shoulder (look at the photo, you can see the wedge of extra light-blue stockinette between the ribbing and the start of the colors). VERY flattering. I've knit a sweater for the hunchback of Notre Dame. So I'll cut off the ribbing, pick up the stitches, re-do the short rows, and the ribbing again. Unfortunately to center the damn thing properly I've got to figure out where the center of the front is, which involves counting a hundred-odd stitches.

It's what I have come to expect from this stupid sweater. Next I'll have to re-wire it or put in a new radiator or change the oil or something. Or it will blow a tire.

I just got a reminder e-mail from the State Fair people, telling me I have to turn this thing in a week from tomorrow. Remember when I said deadlines made me crazy? Remember??

Now I'm gonna go chop up my knitting. Isn't that what everyone does when they finish a sweater? Cut it right back up again?


Sheepish Annie said...

This sweater is past the nightmare stage!!! It's well into something kind of like the "end of days." Godspeed, Samurai! You'll make it!

Bells said...

Hoo-bloody-ray. You're almost there.

I've the champers on ice, ready to go when you are!

FairyGodKnitter said...

I thought, when I saw that the sleeves were done, that I'd be able to sleep through the night without worrying about you. Now you're cutting up the neck, I'll be up all night worrying.

Amy Lane said...

Wow...you and my friend Wendy should get together--her house rennovations are going just like this! Have you posted a warning for everyone to stay away from you when you've got the scissors?

Alwen said...

I love you. The worse things get, the funnier you are. (That's kind of scary when you think about it.)

Be well,