Thursday, September 28, 2006

Suddenly, things look better.

I hunkered down over my computer tonight, muttering about gauge swatches and graphics. (The husbeast took the baby and hid.) Turns out, what with the ten million graphics programs I have on this computer, I can do the color theory article that's been stewing in my mind WITHOUT having to spend four days hunched over the scanner with gauge swatches and color cards.

This means I can write an article I want to, which bodes well for the humor therin. (And my humor, thereout.)

Shoot, I've got more than 48 hours to write this. No problem.


Oh, and I forgot to mention on the last whining post: the baby has learned to throw temper tantrums. Mostly she just stands and screams with rage. A good time is had by all.

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Amy Lane said...

Have you laughed at her yet? Works for me. (My 2nd oldest used to let out a long howl, throw her hand over her eyes, fall to her knees, and then fall face down on the floor. She only did this on carpeting...

I'll let you write, now, darling--you're on a roll! (I love rolls...I can stay up all night and write...if it wasn't for that pesky 'work and family' crap, that is...