Wednesday, September 20, 2006


There's a new group blog firing up called Zimmermania, dedicated to knitting stuff based on the work of Elizabeth Zimmerman. If it sounds fun, head on over and join the chaos. I don't have enough going on. But the Blue Shimmer is actually based on EZ's percentage system, and the next sweater I'm knitting, for the husbeast, is, too. If you've never used the method, you should try it. Works like a charm and frees you from written patterns forever.

And I've got a link over in the sidebar. If you care.

I'm gonna hum the theme from "Animaniacs" the rest of the damn night.


Amy Lane said...

We've got pay-for-play contracts...we're ZIMMER to the max, there's KOIGU in our slacks, were ZIMMER-MA-NIACS...

Come join the crazy knitters
Where the yarning is extreme
Where socks are holy grails
And Lion Brand's obscene...

Just watch the looping wool
And you'll make the husbeast scream...
The pattern's slipped
We have no script
Now watch the knitters scream!!!

Ah...if I wasn't working, I'd be the first to join you...

Theresa said...

Hi Julie,
I linked to your blog from Knitty and I loved the swatch article.
I don't have enough to do at work and they won't let me knit so I started reading your blog from January and finally got caught up so I have 9 months worth of comments.
Your baby is adorable!
I love it that your a math geek; so am I.
The hand issue sounds horrid, I admire you for working through the pain.
Also a comment on gauge and swatching, I have found that my gauge changes depending on the material of the needles. I knit loosely so if I can't get gauge on Addis I switch to bamboo needles and my gauge tightens up.
My current favorite bamboo needles are Crystal Palace.