Monday, September 11, 2006

I must be missing something.

I think the body on the Blue Shimmer is about done. That's a full week early. I keep telling myself I'm missing something, a vital measurement or some shaping, or SOMETHING. But I've measured and re-measured and checked my figures and checked the measurements of the victim, and it keeps coming up the right length. Very, very strange.

Now, not only am I short the needles I need to knit the sleeves, I also seem to not have a size 0/2mm needle to knit the hem with. I think the Susan Bates needle that got slashed to ribbons was the only size 0 circular in the house, so today it's off to the craft stores for a new needle, and then a quick stop at the fabric store to get sewing thread to sew the hems with. (Normally I use embroidery floss or a split-in-half bit of yarn to sew down hems, but this fabric is so thin, I really think sewing thread is the way to go.)

Can't believe the body's done. (And now that I've said that, I'm going to spill a pot of spaghetti sauce over it, or something equally horrendous.)

I guess I'll knit like the wind on the doily until I get the needles.

I really, really, really hate deadlines. And I have only myself to blame. I'm such a dumbass.


April said...

But think how lovely it will be when you have a First Place Award from the fair. Then those 8 million stitches will have been worth it.

I think.

TrishJ said...

Dumbass! Bowahahaha!

Seriously, you'll be fine, you'll wow the judges, and a deadline is a good thing. Then you'll have more time for xmas knitting and not be doing it in Feb. again.

Bells said...

deadlines give your life meaning, Julie. You know it's the truth. what else would you blog about without them??