Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something other

than that damn sweater.

While knitting lately, I have been reading this:

"Color" by Victoria Finlay. (I include this bad photo so that you can know you have the right book if you find it - there are about fifty books in print right now titled "Color".) It's not color theory, it's 'the natural history of color' as she puts it. In other words, it's where colors come from. Before the invention of chemical dyes and paints, we used some weirdass stuff to color our things with.

I gave up reading the whole book in order, start to finish, somewhere in the yellow chapter during a discussion of cyanide in yellow pigment and why all the 'good' yellows are toxic. (As a rule, chemistry bores me.) Instead, I've begun hopping around in the book, reading about whatever color appeals to me at the moment. This week I've read about indigo's history and how it works; where murex purple dye comes from (very cool, and I never liked shellfish anyway); and am now in the green chapter, chasing down why celadon green is such a big deal in Chinese porcelain (it's due to iron in the glaze, but it doesn't explain why, culturally, everyone thought it was the end-all, be-all). If you like history, or sociology/anthropology, paint, or dye your own yarn, you might get a kick out of this book. It's a little bit on the dry side (written by a scholar in a rather research-paper style), but the information itself is so interesting you find yourself not caring.

The baby is just on the edge of walking; this morning she was caught standing, unsupported. She's also been 'walking' on her knees for quite a while; once she puts together exactly how it goes, we're gonna have a toddler on our hands. We're doomed. Here she is, modeling the neck ribbing from The Sweater That Won't Be Named:

Lovely scratches on her forehead, huh? I think that's from an encounter with the coffee table. Or maybe her toy basket.

I'm trying to motivate myself to take a shower, dress the baby in something other than a diaper and tee shirt, and go out in search of tapestry needles, but I'm thinking it sounds better to spend the day in my pajamas, trying to write that Knitty article due in FIVE FREAKING DAYS.

I'm such a good example for my child.

Pass the chocolate. A balanced diet is important.


The Queen-a Athena said...

Not to worry, Julie. True toddlerhood has nothing to do with walking, and everything to do with painting the walls with poop when you take too long to get her after a nap. I'd say you still have a couple of months to go.

Aren't you delighted to have THAT to look forward to? Feel free to use that neck to strangle me :-)

Amy Lane said...

the ave troll had a permadivot on his face from age 10--20 months...there's probably still a dent in his skull... the book sounds fascinating-- does it mention why green makes yarn so stiff? I've always wondered.

Sheepish Annie said...

Yay, Baby!!! I love it when other people's kids walk. It is so inspiring. And, well...I sort of don't have to deal with their antics once I leave. I've got the whole "auntie" thing down pat!

I've not seen that book...sounds interesting.