Saturday, September 16, 2006

Visible progress!

It's all so exciting.

See this? It's a SLEEVE.

It's a sleeve that's almost a third done. (!!!) The smaller amount of stitches makes all the difference, and it's going fast enough that I feel like I'm accomplishing something. I wanted to finish fifty rows a day and have it done in three days, but I blew that. (The thought process yesterday went something like "I want to do fifty rows... okay, forty... screw this, I'm going to bed.") Even slacking off, I may have both sleeves done by the end of the coming week, which would give me actual time for finishing before I have to turn it in. Wouldn't that be nice?

I'm also on the last pattern ring of the doily, and it's finally big enough to move to the circular needle. (At this gauge, I doubt the thing will be as big as a dinner plate - right now it's barely ten inches/20cm across.) You can see the leaf pattern in the center, now that it's spread out a little.

There have been accusations by Certain People (yeah, you, Trish) that I'm not knitting on it, but am just taking repeated photos of the same thing. Hah. It's amzing how slowly something grows on 0000's, though. After a while knitting on the doily, the size 1/2.5mm needles for the sweater look big. Once this idiotic marathon is over and I go back to knitting scarves, those size ten/6mm needles are going to seem like telephone poles.

Otherwise, I'm still screwing around with my medication and am spending a lot of time asleep, again. Big excitement. Tomorrow's scheduled outing is a trip to the grocery store. My life is a whirlwind of neverending fascination.

And now, another gratuitiously cute photo of my kid. Being a girl, she really likes shoes. Especially for teething purposes. Not so much to wear.


Sheepish Annie said...

Glad to hear you say that your are, in fact, sleeping. That level of progress would require that I remain awake for a week or so and knit at all times. I would basically be an unwashed, unkempt, unfed creature that would evenually be removed from my home screaming, "NO...just one more row!!!!!" Nice work.

TrishJ said...

Okay, I'm sorry. You ARE knitting the doily. I see it now. The gratituitous photo of the very cute kid chewing her shoe broke through my meanness to see the truth. You must post her more often.

And I'm proud of that sleeve!! Way to go, girle!

Teresa said...

Gosh, that doily is beautiful. Anyone who doesn't think knitting doilies is super-cool and badass should have your blog as required reading.
I can't wait to see it blocked!
(The Shimmer is quite amazing as well.)

Bells said...

what do you do with the finished doilies? My mother in law is really into them. If I learn to knit, they'll have to go to her becaues my own husbeast would probably disown me if i started putting them around the house! It would be bad enough i was knitting them....! But they do look pretty!

Love the kid photo!!

Amy Lane said...

Cute baby...too darn cute...need to go get my baby from day care and never let her go...