Friday, September 29, 2006

Go, me!

1300 words on the article. I'm brooding over an ending that doesn't sound lame (why is it I can hold forth for twenty thousand words on something, but not write an ending? This is some scary personality trait, isn't it?) Now I've got to put together the graphics, which will certainly be the major part of this article. I'm putting the husbeast to work on it, too. He doesn't know it yet.

I started binding off the Damn Doily, though that's not done yet... knitting that tiny thread stuff was hard, but crocheting with it is nearly impossible. Dr. Who is on Sci-Fi for two hours tonight; I'm hoping I can vegetate on the couch and finish it up, maybe even darn in the ends and get it ready for blocking tomorrow.

All but the bottom edge of That Sweater should be done by the end of the weekend. Hopefully by Sunday, I'll be able to put it on and see how short it really is; that colored yoke is misleading and I think it's longer than it looks. I HOPE it's longer than it looks. If not, I'll have to put it back on the needle and knit like the wind for 48 hours to get the length. However, it's just stockinette so it's slightly lower stress. Slightly.

I almost feel like I can breathe, sorta.

Unfortunately it's payday and the husbeast is going to want to go out and run around and have lunch and shop and who knows what... I have a hard time saying no, because it's good for the baby (and me, truth be told) to get out of the house. But I will be strong and say no to the festivities. Well, okay, I might go out to lunch.

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Amy Lane said...

Of's family need family time, it makes them forget about all the times you snarl and draw blood...