Wednesday, September 20, 2006

And a question for the Aussies reading.

Forgot to put this in the previous post.

Okay, I lived in Hawaii, and there were a good number of Aussies living there. I went to school with them, worked with them, etc (which is where I picked up the slang, thanks). Every Australian I ever met was fit and active and loved the outdoors and did a lot of surfing and hiking and stuff.

I'd just like to know, how do y'all stay thin, with stuff like this to eat? It's A HUNDRED BLOODY CALORIES PER COOKIE!

I've eaten half a package of these things today. Can't you keep your OWN junk food? We've got enough!

International junk food. Like I didn't have enough problems.


Bells said...


Easy. I don't eat them.

I've never heard of them!

But I have other weaknesses - mostly my vices come out of a bottle. Sad huh?

Bells said...

ps love getting some acknowledgement!!!

Bells said...

sorry. got more to say. I don't surf or do any of those other things (living inland is only a partial hinderance to that - I actually don't like the ocean much!). The outdoors is only appealing to me if it involves sitting on a blanket eat and drinking. Oh and I like to knit outside too. :-)

kitchen hand said...

Julie, possibly only the fit Australians went to Hawaii.

Arnotts biscuits are a national treasure. Everyone has Arnotts in the cupboard except us because Tracy refuses to let me buy them because she would eat them all. At once. So I don't get to have an occasional one either way.

Try Arnotts Tim-Tams. They are the ultimate. A friend's girlfriend has just moved to the US and she has demanded a case of Tim-Tams be sent over for her.

Carson said...

Mmmm...chocolate wheatens...nummy....
Can you tell it's 3.30pm here in Sydney, Australia and I'm hitting a mid-afternoon sugar-low? ;)

Don't worry, there are plenty of australians who have the 'secretary's spread". Ie; too much sitting down, too many chokkie bikkies.

Anyway, back on topic, I just read your article on Knitty about the joys of swatching..I thought i was the only one who loved swatching for the hell of it.

Jejune said...

G'day! (That's your bligatory 'okker' greeting, no wuckin' furries (No f***g worries))!

Never fear, we are by no means a skinny race.... I agree with the selection effect that Kitchen Hand mentions - the fit ones go to Hawaii ;)

Yeah, Tim Tams, Mint Slices (sigh), lamingtons (cubes of sponge cake dipped in chocolate icing and then rolled in desiccated coconut), pavlova (meringue 'pie' shell filled with whipped cream and sliced tropical fruit)... I could go on (and on)... we love our sweets and lollies!

I'm with Bells on this one - I like the beach for walking along, but am a bit too scared about jellyfish and sharks to go swimming in the ocean. Give me a swimming pool any day. Or better yet, a spa... ;)