Wednesday, September 20, 2006


In a perverse way, I hate good days like yesterday, because that often means the next day (today) sucks all the more. Like, now.

When I saw the doctor yesterday, there was a lot of pulling and poking and prodding and twisting of my hand to see how it worked. Today I feel like I've got rabid squirrels in the joint, gnawing their way out. (Or possibly like someone's trying to amputate my hand with a tack hammer. It varies.) This means drugs, which means BEING drugged, which means getting on the internet and posting rude and profane and rambling things on my blog.


Regardless of this lovely development, I am hellbent on finishing sleeve one of the Blue Shimmer today. I've got about 38 rounds, plus the hem, to go. Double point needles don't exist in the proper size, thanks to Addi's weirdness when they sized these circulars, so I'm stuck doing the two-circular-needle deal, like people knit socks. I've never done this before. It's a pain in the ass. Why do people knit socks like this? Why not just use the bloody double-points? They're easier than having ten thousand needle ends flopping around like a demented octopus. It's reminding me of the end of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 around here. And I feel like Jack.

And just think, when this is done, I've got the neck to fix and another sleeve to do.

The baby has begun pulling things out of the trash to play with and is, at this moment, gnawing on an empty water bottle. This is the last of a long string of strange behaviors she has learned from the cat. (The baby likes to crawl over to me when I'm standing, and rub her face on my leg. It's creeping me out.) It's not enough I'm drugged and knitting on and endless project, no, my baby has to go off the deep end, too.

Oh, and tomorrow is her one year checkup, with vaccines. So tomorrow night will be cranky fever night. The fun never ends.

I am now going to go knit more bloody damned stockinette, grinding my teeth and snarling. Y'all have a lovely evening.

And Blogger won't upload any damn pictures. This must be the scheduled outrage.



Sheepish Annie said...

The 2 circs. method did not pan out well for socks in Sheepland, but I find it works well for other things and seems easier on my wrists. But I hate, hate, hate that extra needle flopping around!!! Good luck with the checkup tomorrow. Does the pediatrician know about the "cat-identification" thing? Probably not worth mentioning....

Amy Lane said...

I love the 2-circs-for-sox-- it's the only way I can knit fingering weight at stoplights, it's awesome... (I like the dpns for sportweight baby socks...but since those are cheating anyway...)

The thing with the baby learning tricks from the cat had me snorking at my desk as my students watched movies...too damned funny...