Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Darn it.

Why am I always broke when there's fun stuff for sale??!!??

The "Bad Liver" mug. Drink all your booze out of a mug designed to look like a rotten liver. Utterly hilarious. $60. Can't afford it and diapers for the baby this month, guess which I'm buying?

If YOU have a spare sixty bucks, details are available here.


Bells said...

You are joking, right? That's so butt ugly I keep coming back to look again and again to see if it improves - it doesn't! Go the diapers!

Amy Lane said...

I had to choose between cheap diapers, toilet paper, and a new set of #3 needles... I got the expensive diapers, the 4 pack of toilet paper, and the needles...