Monday, September 11, 2006

Welcome, Knitty folks!

I hope you enjoyed my article, and don't hate me too much for liking to swatch.

If you're trying to figure out what the heck's going on around here, here's the cheat sheet:

The state fair turn-in day is October 4, and I'm trying to finish a copy of the Blue Shimmer and a doily (knit on 0000 needles with size 70 tatting cotton) by then. It's about all I do.

I've got a year-old baby I spend a lot of time feeding, diapering, chasing, and playing with. Ditto for my six year old cat. (I also break up a lot of baby-cat situations where the baby wants to hug the cat to death.)

For those who've been following along with the drama, I've now got the knitting needles to do the sleeves on the Blue Shimmer (they came in the mail today), but now I can't find the size zero/2mm needle I need to knit the hem of the body. I don't think I've ever in my life knit a project this disorganized. Of course it's on a deadline.

I may have to go to the local yarn shop. It's run by a troll. Urg.


dknitter3 said...

Yes, as a matter of fact I did like your article. As a very new knitter, it make me look at swatching in a very different light. I can get behind the idea of a teaching tool.

Bells said...

Great article Julie. Well done. I do swatch, just not often enough. I tend to only swatch if it's a really new and adventurous thing I'm doing. For stock standard regular stuff, I don't always.

Marta De Cardenas said...

I am still confused about the self striping of a variagated yarn in a swatch, versus what the yarn would "do" in a wider piece, like a 12" wrap, or the back, front of a sweater.

Also, if you use to balls, changing every two [ or four rows, I guess] wouldn't you get more striping?; plus more confussion of colors?.

This confuses me a lot.

Thanks for sharing your techs with us,


Anonymous said...

The trols are about the yarn stores here in Ann Arbor, too. I must discern each time I venture forth which trol I can handle on a certain day of a certain month.

Hannah Six said...

Hi, Julie. Thanks for your actually made me want to pick up my needles and just swatch for the hell of it (since I'm not starting anything new right now). Sometimes it really IS fun to knit for the sake of knitting...Play is important!