Monday, September 25, 2006

Contest winner!!

The Santa Christmas stocking pattern goes toooooo...

AMY LANE! Whose winning entry is reproduced here in it's entirety:

The knitting Goddess got drunk one night from the dye they use to make that bunny-fur yarn, and started to giggle... "0 size needles? This wench wants to make a sweater out of 0 sized needles? When the whole world is knitting engorged dead dinosaur yarn on sized whoopty-twelve needles, she's knitting mutant sheep fur on sized 0 needles? This wench thinks she can outcrazy the most whacked out Goddess to ever loft a loop? I'll show her pattern, needle, and holy wool, I'll show her f-ing crazy...SHAZAM. How's that Christmas stocking coming, sweetheart?" And then she laughed like an insane Goddess drunk on bunny-fur dye. Buuuhhaaahaaahaaahaaa. The End.

Honorable mentions go to Bells for stating the obvious - it's a bitch of a patern, and to MrsFife for coming up with an explanation I never thought of - I'm supposed to knit the stocking and the size 0 needle will appear inside.

Thank you all for the desperately needed laughs. Amy, e-mail me your address and I'll toss this baby in the mail to you.


MrsFife said...

Yay! Good for Amy Lane.
I am honoured to have an honourable mention ;)

Amy Lane said...

Oh...I'm so thrilled...I'd like to thank the academy, and the Samurai knitting Goddess, and the people who invented the bunny fur yarn and...I'm too moved...I can't go on... (Thanks Julie:-)

Bells said...

I got up at 6am local time and raced to the computer to see if I'd won.

I hadn't.

But I got an honourable mention and I'm so happy I could burst.

My husband is still in bed and has now been regaled with the full and painful Blue Shimmer story. He sends his regards Julie.