Saturday, September 23, 2006

Where I'm at.

Yet another status report. In between all the bitching and moaning around here, I actually did get the one sleeve done - yesterday, a full five days after I wanted to get it done. (I didn't do much knitting Wednesday and Thursday due to hand problems, which I SO do not have time for.) Oh, and Thursday I smashed my right thumb in the tailgate of my Jeep, which really sped the whole process up.

Anyway, here it is:

I'm about 1/3 down the second sleeve, and would like to finish it this weekend. Since I knit that 1/3 since yesterday afternoon, it's possible I'll manage it, but you just never know around here. I half expect a hurricane to hit. It's about the only thing that hasn't happened yet, in terms of interefering with getting this sweater done.

Eight rows left on the doily. I estimate it will be done Wednesday, probably blocked by Friday. At least something's going to be done on time. (I hope, I hope.)

Otherwise there's not a lot going on. The baby is teething: (Am I an utterly horrible mother for posting this picture on the internet? 'Cause I swear I'm keepign it and showing it to her prom date in 17 years.)

And the cat is trying to look innocent after sleeping on my chest last night and giving me an asthma attack.

Oh, and while on painkillers Wednesday I ate all the chocolate in my house. And now the husbeast is having a birthday and declared we will eat red meat all weekend because that's what he wants; hamburgers for dinner tonight and steaks tomorrow. My ass is going to be the size of Alaska. Pass the cookies.


Sheepish Annie said...

Well...there are bigger things than Alaska so I say, "snack on!" I think I may be winning the munchy wars, though. I suspect, at this point, that I may be actually sleep-eating.

I originally thought that your knitting curse was a result of the unholy alliance between cat and child in your home. I'm now leaning towards the baby being the culprit. I suspect she is aware of the blog photos. And the planned prom night festivities. You may want to start stocking up on shiny things and chewables for the purposes of bribery. I will light a candle for you.

Dianna said...

The Blue Shimmer is wicked wonderful. The doily is beautimous, too.

TrishJ said...

You sure that sweater is long enough? It looks short. I know, you said you measured it, but now I'm looks short.

Yay on the doily! It does look like a doily.

And hugs on the teething. I'm glad to see, though, that she cries now and then...she always looks so danged happy!

Amy Lane said...

Who do I blame for the pizza I just ate? c' me out ass really is the size of Alaska!