Sunday, May 14, 2006

Nearly done.

It still needs some grafting done, which is probably obvious due to the knitting needle stuck through the middle of it, but you can see now how these squares are meant to be knit. And I've decided, what the heck, I'll make the jacket. I can knit up squares between other projects over the summer and have a nice knock-around jacket for fall. I need five more of these squares, two rectangular 'squares' for sleeves, and two mutant triangles to create a V-neck. Ten 'squares' in all. Nine more to go. It occurred to me, belatedly, that this is a fine way to play around with color and intensity and figure out how they combine, so that's what I'm gonna do - each square with different colors. Though I'll keep the dark green background for continuity. This means I need more yarn. Yes. I'm snickering. (Considering this project was chosen to use up yarn I bought for something else.)

I also cast on the Tomten jacket for the baby, because I want to use up some of the massive pile of pink yarn I've got sitting here, and then I can use the leftovers in the patchwork jacket. This way I'll be sure I have enough.

The finger I cut this week was giving me trouble (it kept splitting open) so today I washed it out real well and then super-glued the cut shut. (A fun trick learned from the techie husbeast.) So far, so good. At least it's quit hurting. Yet another useful skill learned here at Samurai Knitter.

This is kind of a random post. It is random due to sugar and caffeine overload, because the baby and the husbeast gave me Godiva Platinum collection chocolates for Mother's Day today, and I decided "It's mother's day, to hell with the diet" and proceeded to graze on them all day. My body isn't used to that kind of thing, so now I'm all twitchy, to the point that I wonder how I'm going to sleep tonight.

But if I don't sleep, I can always knit.

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