Tuesday, May 09, 2006

All right, some photos.

Note: I started this Tuseday, but Blogger was still not accepting photos, so the bulk of this post was really written Wednesday. If it matters. (Sometimes I get irritated by Blogger, but then I remind myself that not only is it free, the amount of data they move in a day is unbelievable.)

Not many photos, but I mentioned gratuitous cuteness, so here it goes. The cat and the baby had their latest summit meeting on world domination yesterday. (I think it involved the partitioning of N America, and who gets to sleep on my lap in the afternoons.)

The bag is done, and the six miles of I-cord have begun:

I was gonna take a photo of the scarf, but it just keeps getting longer.

I've gotta start something interesting. This is for the birds.

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TrishJ said...

LOL on the world summit meeting...I hope the baby controls the northern section or I'll be doomed. God only knows what the cat will do. The baby will keep us from ever eating peas and having a dirty diaper again ::grin::.

YAY on that bag! Get it done!