Sunday, May 28, 2006

Remind me to never knit this again.

As long as I live.

By yesterday, I had hit the stage of the damn doily where I was taking off triple yarnovers with one stitch, and it was looking like what the uninitiated think lace knitting should look like - with wild loops of thread sticking out all over the place. Those of us who know what we're doing shudder at the sight and try not to shriek too loudly.

At that stage I entered into a phase of the project I call "Blindly follow the directions and pray". (Taking off an 11x yarnover with eleven knit-in-back stitches was quite a good time, too. That round only took me an hour. One. Round. An hour.) By this evening, I had come out the other side, and had gotten the whole thing onto a circular needle, so that I could both see what in heck I was doing, and not have to 'turn corners' (my term for changing from one double-point to another) any longer. This is what I've got, as of right now:

See those huge columns of faggoting, running like spokes? That's why I had to re-start it three times; I'd drop a stitch into there, it'd run down to China, never to be seen again, and I'd give up and start over.

There is not one, single, plain-knit row in this entire doily. One row lace. I musta been out of my mind.

Oh, and the whole process was helped along immensely by THIS:

At any rate, I'm at round 42 of 56, and it MIGHT be done by Tuesday, though not blocked. And I can start on something, I don't know, LESS INSANE.

I'm thinking June may be the month of blue socks. I've never knit socks, but this doily has been rather motivational - they can't be harder than this. Right? Right?

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