Thursday, May 25, 2006

Look. More physical therapy.

This is a damn doily in some kind of crochet cotton, color 'Delft Blue'. I like the color, it's sort of like a faded indigo, but I doubt it's available any more... this stuff could be anywhere from five to fifteen years old. (I used to stash crochet cotton like some people stash sock yarn.)

People get into all kinds of definitions of 'lace knitting' versus 'knitted lace' and it all seems like nitpicking detail to me. I use the terms 'one row lace' and 'two row lace' to define knitted lace (lace knitting?) One row lace is the stuff that's worked every row. Two row lace is the stuff with a row of stockinette/regular/knit stitches between the worked rows. Generally, two row lace is more stable and easy to work, with that row of standard stitches in there to even everything out. It's also much more relaxing to knit, with every other row being what I call a 'brain dead row' where you can just zone out and knit it.

I'm in a hurry to get this done, so of course I'm doing one-row lace, where I have to pay close attention and a single dropped stitch can end in disaster. (I had gotten to row eight, dropped a stitch in a column of faggoting, and after messing with a crochet hook for ten minutes, gave up and started over.) The pattern is taken out of my lace notebook (I've copied a lot of patterns from who-knows-where and pasted them in), and has the helpful notation "knit in four days, white, for Ang", so here's hoping it's done and ready to mail by Tuesday.

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TrishJ said...

OMG, SO PRETTY! Is it hard to do, or am I just thinking it might be? And LOL on the alligator update you posted a few days ago. Stupid morons.