Wednesday, May 24, 2006

So far, so... ugh.

I have hit the wall on the Tomten jacket. You know, the one where you think "this thing sucks" every time you pick it up. I've finished the body (including what I think is the first hood I've ever knit - I sure don't remember ever knitting one before) and have picked up the sleeves. I've almost run out of the two shades of pink yarn I used on the body, so I shifted to two MORE balls of pink yarn I had here (I told you I had a lot of pink yarn), and it STILL LOOKS LIKE I'M GOING TO HAVE TO BUY MORE @#(*#&$@ YARN. The white stripes? They're using up yarn twice as fast as the green, yellow, or light pink stripes, and I'm gonna run out. Granted, I was going to buy some more colors of this yarn (Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece) anyway for the swirly afghan square jacket thingie, but geez louise, have you EVER heard of a toddler-sized jacket eating up SIX 200 yard balls of yarn? (I'll have a more accurate guess on how much yarn this thing used once the sleeves are done, but it really is sucking up yarn at an alarming rate.)

The Tomten jacket is my only knitting deal right now. I've been doing modular origami as physical therapy for my hand, and it's left me a bit cranky. (The accompanying painkillers probably aren't helping the mood a bit.) Long story short, knitting takes care of most of my hand problems in terms of physical therapy, except for the really fine motor-control stuff, and I'm losing ground there. The bright side is, origami beats putting tiny washers on tiny pins in the therapist's office, and isn't quite as boring.

Lace knitting would be a nice change of pace, and I wanted to make a doily for the friend who sent that baby quilt. Hmmm.

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EmilyElizabeth said...

Hi there. I was searching around for the Tomtem Jacket, and your post has confirmed my fears. When reading "Knitting Without Tears" I was floored when EZ mentioned something about 6 or so skeins of wool. I thought, yeah right, and purchased just shy of 300 yards. I'm about 4 inches into the garter and am almost through two. *YIKES*

If you've worked on yours any more, or if you have any knowledge of how much yarn it might take up in total, gimme a heads up. Thanks!