Wednesday, May 17, 2006


My in-laws are stopping off next week on their way through from Florida to Ohio, to dote on their grandkid and say hello to us. This is not the code red. In-laws visiting is nice. We have fun.

CODE RED INVOLVES CLEANING MY HOUSE. The back yard still needs shoveled out and I wonder if it'd be easier to just apply the same aproach to the interior of the house: drag in a couple thirty-gallon trash cans and grab a pitch fork and have at it.

But seriously. The reason this is in my knitting blog is because while walking around the house today, sort of checking out the scope of the disaster and planning the attack, I realized that eighty percent of the mess in my house is knitting scattered EVERYWHERE. If I were to gather it all up and put it in my office closet where it supposedly belongs (and reshelve the ten million knitting books strewn around), the house would look almost clean. Another ten percent of the mess is baby stuff - toys on the floor, etc, that's just going to be there until she leaves for college and I've already given up on. And the last ten percent is the kitchen, which is truly a disaster and the only real problem to condend with.

I wonder if using a pitchfork on yarn would damage the fibers? Hm. Probably. I don't think it would work on dirty dishes, either. Damn.

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jeannie said...

I can relate about family coming to visit. I wish you enough energy to get through the cleaning part. (I used to wear myself out getting ready for in laws and parents and came to dread their visits.)After they're gone and you have time to recover, treat yourself and go to and start. Do it now so you don't end up waitng to love your house till after the baby's in college. :-) Trust me you'll be happier about everything if you hear what she has to say and try it.

I loved your History article on knitting and I'm convinced that it was around LONG before the preserved artifacts were made.
I knitted with pencils and string in school. Any basket weaver who got bored would have made the quantum leap. : )